Here you find a list of places in which I enjoyed food


- Austria

Wollzeile 5, A1010 Vienna

Huge Schnitzel in central vienna

esterhazygasse 12 Vienna

Very good schnitzel, but also a nice seasonal menu

- Belgium

La Fin De Siecle

Rue de Chartreux 9, 1000 Bruxelles

can’t miss the “onglet” (beef) and the huge jamboneau! (porc)

Naamsestraat 118, 3000 Leuven

Sicilian restaurant, try the fish mix of the chef or the “pasta al nero di seppia” (cuttlefish pasta)

Mangia e via

Paarkstraat 66, 3000 Leuven

The best pizza in Leuven, ask Bartolomeo for suggestions

La Bottega della Pizza

Avenue Dupectiaux 39, Bruxelles

They won the title of the best pizzeria in Belgium for 2013, well deserved!

Rue Saint Boniface 7, Ixelles (Brussels)

Nice Thai restaurant in a small Brussel’s square

Rue de la Paix 49, Bruxelles

A little piece of Bologna in Brussels, book a table in advance bc it is always full!

- France

170, rue du Faubourg, Paris

A true vegetarian Indian restaurant in Paris!

29, rue des trois freres, Paris

Very good french cuisine at reasonable prices

- Italy

Via stampatori 6, Torino

Very good pizza at resonable prices

Via Cardeto 8/10 Ancona

Meat, Mushrooms, Truffles... supergood!

Ar grottino der Traslocatore

Largo delle sette chiese 2, Roma.

Best traditional roman cuisine, any pasta is unforgettable!

Via Albalonga 7, Roma

The temple of tiramisu

Piazza San Giovanni, Santu Lussurgiu (OR)

almost as good as my mom cuisine, try: casizolu (cheese), pasta (any) and the special salami

Su Nuraghe

Via Sedini, 07031 Castelsardo (SS)

Only fish, any pasta is extraordinary, I love “spaghetti all’astice” (lobster’s spaghetti)

Piazza Marconi 16A, Porto Torres (SS)

try the special pizza creations of Daniele, I suggest spadara and alice

39040 Afers, Brixen

hut close to brixen, reachable only with 30 min walk, any Franz Pernthaler dish is fabulous

Via B.go Salina 3, 43100 Parma

parmesan cuisine, culatello, maltagliati and cappelletti are fantastic!

Marina di Sorso, Sardegna, Italy

a wonderful fish restaurant right on the beach!

via catalogna 12, Alghero, Sardegna, Italy

very good pizzas and wonderful fish dishes at honest prices.

Via dei Michelozzi 9r, Firenze

Tuscany specialties at reasonable prices. I suggest ribbollita and fiorentina !

via panisperna 214, Rome

typical roman cusine in the center of Rome. Suggestion: carbonara!

- Slovenia

Pizzeria Ljubljanski Dvor

1, Dvorni trg. Ljubljana

Pizza close to good italian standards, with a choice of 100 pizzas

Ciril Metodov trg. Ljubljana

typical Slovenian food

Golstina Sonja

Morova 4, 6310 Izola

Pasta with scampi is the speciality of the house


Verdijeva 10, Izola, Slovenia

Very good fish and pasta with truffles.

- Spain


the fishery becomes a dream restaurant during night, everything is awsome

Can Mano

barceloneta Barcelona

in the hearth of barceloneta very good fish at very good prices

Los Coloniales


typical andalusian food

Calle Tetuan, Santander

small typical fish restaurant everything was supergood

Calle de la Daoiz y Velaverde 7, Santander

Churros and hot chocolate!

- UK

10-12 Kentish Town Road, London NW1 8NH

carribean restaurant

- Germany

10-12 Kentish Town Road, London NW1 8NH

carribean restaurant

- Nederlands

Witte de Withstraat 15a, Rotterdam

very nice Italian restaurant in Rotterdam


MG road, Mumbai, India

everything is fantastic, especially tandoors and kebabs


1 jonson street, Byron Bay NSW2481, Australia

ask for the fish of the day or the mixed fish grill


Valladolid, 36 221 San Juna, 97780 Valladolid, Yucatan, Mexico

Poc chuk, and the best food in Jucatan in a true Mexican restaurant

Tulum, Mexico

Family restaurant between the sea and the jungle. For romantic dinners!


18th street, San Francisco, USA

The best pizza of the bay!

30th/Church Street, San Francisco, CA94131, USA

True Sardinian restaurant in SF. Delicious.

Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York

The most customized burgher ever!

10889 Lindbrook Drive, Los Angeles CA90024

Very good pizza, nice prices and extraordinary concept

800 E 3rd Street, Los Angeles, California 90013

Belgian beers (you can even find a rochefort) fries and german sausages

212 E Main Street, Charlottsville, VA, USA

Truffle Burgher forever!


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