u. boccioni:unique forms of continuity in space - 1913

Umberto Boccioni 's simultaneity and dynamism searchs to capture a sense of time that is implicit in being. Like Bergson's notion of 'duration' as the principle animating the passage through time rather than the particular form at a given instant, his work observes the lifelessness of a form arrested from motion in a single instant, and creates forms that are condensed records of their own becoming... Unique Forms of Continuity in Space of 1913 anticipate the tools and concepts of scientific visualization, especially isosurfaces. (Marcos Novak)

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2L'équation fait maitenant appel au laplacien: u(x,y,t)/t = (d02/(4t0))[ 2 u(x,y,t)/x2 + 2 u(x,y,t)/y2]. Pour un rectangle, on obtient Y1(t)Y2(t) = F(s1 t)F(s2 t), avec s1 et s2 reliés aux longueurs L1 et L2 des deux côtés. Avec un rectangle, on peut déjà respecter le rapport superficie/longueur de frontière d'un pays (N.B.: frontière commune avec l'Euroland!).

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