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So what?

This is an excerpt of a part of a digital image of page 369 of the Handbook of Mathematical Functions, M.Abramowitz and I. Stegun, editors, National Bureau of Standards 1964 = Dover 1965, etc. (many printings), one of the most important books of the former century.

The page images of about half of the book can be found at

with a little luck (sometimes it is not found, and/or the page images are missing, and/or the 'download the whole thing' does not work). And who is-are the people who had the wonderful idea to make this masterpiece available on the web? Nobody knows, she-he-they seems to want to remain anonymous like people fearing a subpoena, and just left a note stating that the book material is US-government copyright and, as such, should be freely available to anyone.

Amazon also leaves some page images, with fat copyright lines (stating "Copyrighted material; sample page ..."), as advertisement for paper copies of the book.

The whole book is also available at

in the form of rather poor free (but copyrighted : "Copyright 2002, Inc. All rights reserved.") png images, or a not free (probably good) pdf. From the bottom-right corner of p. 836, this remainder of the first digit of p(200)

a meaningful part of the Ramanujan saga (see

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