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Welcome to of the index of resources for numerical computation in C and C++. This is a collection of pointers to:

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Many things are incomplete; tell me of anything which hurts your eyes. Please point me to goodies I've overlooked. If you have source code which may be of wide interest, please make it available to the net.
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C/C++ Sources on the Net

Name        : AIPS++ library (beta)
Where       :
Link        :
Systems     : Unix
Language    : C++
Author      : AIPS++ consortium,
Version     : 3
Description : A class library under development for radio astronomical
              calibration and imaging.
Comments    : Released library has multidimensional array classes, FFT's
              gridding of ungridded data, containers, tables, a documentation
              extractor (from comments), etc.

Name : ADOL-C Author : Andreas Griewank et al. ( Systems : Unix, cfront or g++ Version : 1.5 (Dec 1993) Description : Automatic differentiation package in C++ Where : In pub/ADOLC at ftp sites and Link : : Comments : Contains LaTeX documentation. Associated with article in TOMS. See book "Automatic differentiation of algorithms" edited by George Corliss and Andreas Griewank, SIAM, Dec 1991, where the chapter by D. Juedes lists many other automatic differentiation packages.
Name : ajay Where : in general on Statlib Link : Statlib/general Description : cholesky decomposition and drawing from MVN Author : Ajay Shah, Version : 23 Sept 1991
Name : as274_fc.tar.z (42748 bytes) Author : Alan Miller (alan@dmsmelb.mel.dms.CSIRO.AU) Port to C and packaging by Ajay Shah ( Systems : Unix Version : 1 May 1993 Description : High accuracy least squares routines with facilities for WLS for a subset of variables, changing the order of variables, dealing with singularities, calculating an estimated covariance matrix of the coefficients. Both fortran and C versions are presented, along with a regression testing setup using ten test programs. See article "Least Squares Routines to Supplement those of Gentleman" in Applied Statistics 41(2), 1992 by Alan Miller. Where : pub/C-numanal on Link : Comments : note the .z is the new gzip compression.
Name : ASA Where : file ASA.tar.gz. ASA.tar.Z, ASA-shar.Z, ASA-shar in [] Link : Description : adaptive simulated annealing: performing adaptive global optimization on multivariate nonlinear stochastic systems Language : either K&R or ANSI C Authors : Lester Ingber ( Comments : See file /pub/ingber/MISC.DIR/parallel.txt for a running account of the Parallelizing ASA and PATHINT Project (PAPP) Version : 3.17, 28 Jun 1994
Name : awesime Description : a C++ task library explicitly designed for simulation. Where : pub/cs/misc/Awesime on Link : Author : Dirk Grunwald ( Version : II
Name : bignum Where : pub/bignum on ; Link : Description : directory filled with bignum software, and a file BIGNUMS.TXT which summaries bignum alternatives. Author : BIGNUMS.TXT is by Mark Riordan ( The ftp site is maintained by him. Version : April 1993.
Name : bignum.tar.Z Where : in tars/math on ( Link : Systems : Unix Description : Arbitrary Precision Integer Arithmetic Author : Serpette, Vuillemin, Jean-Claude Herve Version : 23 Sept 1990 Comments : Excellent. very fast. possible problems with unalloc call.
Name : blas.cpp.shar.z Where : in pub/C-numanal on Link : Author : Damian McGuckin ( Description : a BLAS in C++ Version : beta, 8 May 1993
Name : brent rootfinding, aitken-lagrange interpolation, hooke-jeeve minimiser Where : in c on Netlib Link : Netlib/c, Netlib Author : Oleg Keselyov, Comments : includes a vectors library. Netlib:c++/brent has C++ version. Version : May 1991
Name : c++ (5665 bytes) Author : U. Ruede ( Description : Summary of 1992 workshop "Scientific Computing in C++" (plain text file) Where : mgnet/papers/Ruede on Link : Date : August 4 1992
Name : C++SIM Where : on pub/C++SIM/Source/C++SIM_PR1.0_tar.Z pub/C++SIM/Papers/ pub/C++SIM/Papers/ Description : SIMULA and SIMSET style simulation package in C++ with accompanying documentation. Authors : Mark Little ( Daniel McCue ( Version : 1.0 (June 14th 1993) Comments : A complete simulation package for creating process based discrete event simulation as in SIMULA. The linked-list manipulation facilities provided by SIMSET are also provided in the package. The system is built in an object- oriented manner and the documentation provides information on how it can be modified and extended. Active objects in C++ can also be provided outside of the simulation package by simply inheriting the desired thread characteristic.
Name : cephes Author : Stephen L. Moshier, Description : Emphasis on high accuracy special functions, but also contains useful code for matrices, eigenvalues, integration, ODEs, complex arithmetic, chebyshev approximation. Where : the many files in directory cephes on netlib Link : Netlib/cephes, Netlib Version : 2.2, June 1992
Name : Cfortran Where : [] Systems : VAX VMS or Ultrix, DECstation, Silicon Graphics, IBM RS/6000, Sun, CRAY, Apollo and HP9000. Language : C, FORTRAN Author : Burkhard Burow,, University of Toronto Version : 2.5 Description : A set of macros (cfortran.h = 1000 lines) allowing function calls to be made from C to FORTRAN and vice-versa. Comments : Good compact way of calling functions without translating. Easy to use.
Name : chernikov Author : Ata Etemadi ( Where : Volume 26, Issue 91 of comp.sources.unix Description : computes the stochastic webs produced by the Chernikov equations (see Nature Vol. 326, April 1987) and produces a PGM image based on occupancy of cells. The equations essentially describe the path of a non-relativistic charged particle rotating about a magnetic field line, and experiencing a periodic electric field impulse. Version : v1.0, 3 April 1993
Name : code++ Where : in pub/code++ on Link : Language : C++ Systems : UNIX, GNU g++ and cfront Description : C++ class library for ordinary differential equations and related problems. Contains lots of useful classes for linear algebra (vectors, matrices, linear solvers, pseudoinverses), and other utilities (minimal tool command language, etc.). The integration classes for ODEs are based on adaptive extrapolation methods (explicit Euler discretization for non-stiff, and implicit for stiff ODEs). Classes for continuous output, stepsize freezing, and variational equations are also provided, as well as an experimental multiple shooting environment for BVPs. Author : Andreas Hohmann,
Name : Cubpack++ Where : Language : C++ Systems : (all C++ ?) including MSDOS Description : A C++ package for automatic two-dimensional cubature Cubpack++ is a large C++ class library dealing with automatic integration of functions over two-dimensional regions. Author : Ronald Cools ( Dirk Laurie ( Luc Pluym
Name : (12263 bytes) Where : in pub/C-numanal on Link : Systems : Unix Language : C++ Description : An include file to make complex math look like regular math. Author : Leonard Kamlet, Version : 8 March 1993 Comments : The file uses a lot of operator overloading, so that if x=a+ib and y=c+id, the code for multiplying the two together looks like z = x*y; Also, the file includes nrutil from Netlib/c, Netlib Description : preconditioned conjugate gradient method Author : Mark K. Seager,
Name : dddd Where : in pub/dddd on Link : Description : dynamical data determinism detector (works with time-series data). exploits Open windows 3. Systems : Unix Version : 21 Oct 1992 Author : Dave Watson,
Name : doubledouble Where : at Link : Description : implements doubled-double (approximately 30 decimal place) floating point arithmetic on IEEE 754 floating-point hardware. Systems : x86-unknown-linux with gcc mips*-sgi-irix6 with ecgs-1.0 sparc-sun-solaris2.4 with ecgs-1.0 x86-unknown-windows95 with Microsoft C++ 5.0. Version : 9 Jan 1998 Author : Keith Briggs, Department of Plant Sciences, University of Cambridge, Downing Street, Cambridge CB2 3EA
Name : drpn Where : pub/dank/drpn.tar.Z at Link : Systems : Unix Description : RPN calculator for digital signal processing Author : Dan Kegel, JPL Version : 1.1 Comments : A simple way to do add, multiply, FFT, sum, shift operators on a stream of fixed-length records of data. Handles several data types (16 bit int, 32 bit float). Used, for example, to process a synthetic aperture radar image.
Name : dstool Where : somewhere on Link : Systems : Unix, uses xview3 and open windows 3 Description : Dynamical systems simulation package Plots Lorenz attractors and "other chaotic things" in realtime. Includes a expression evaluator. Author : Version : 1.1
Name : dtoa.c Where : in fp on Netlib Link : Netlib/fp, Netlib Description : correctly rounded decimal <--> binary conversion
Name : eigen.1.01.shar.Z (80545 bytes) Version : 1.01, 25 March 1993 Author : Nadav Har'El ( Description : Find the N largest eigenvalues and their eigenvectors of a real matrix ( < 700x700). Includes postscript documentation. Where : eigen directory on (
Name : fec Authors : B. Bagheri (email?) Description : A collection of finite element libraries in C++ Where : pub/Math on Link : Language : GNU C++ Version : 1.1 Date :
Name : FElt Where : pub/felt on Link : Description : introductory finite element analysis Systems : Unix commandline or Unix + X HP-SUX, Sun, Linux, DOS. Version : 2.0, 28 February 1994 Author : Jason Gobat, Darren Atkinson, Comments : postscript manual and mailing list exists.
Name : femlib-1.1.tar.gz Author : Michael Tiller ( Where : pub/C-numanal on Link : Systems : UNIX Language : C++ Version : 1.1, June 17 1993 Description : C++ class libraries for doing Finite Element simulations, Garbage Collection, Automatic Differentiation as well as a library for Sparse Matrices. Comments : This release is still pretty rough but should compile with gcc-2.4.3, gnumake-3.6x, libg++-2.3.1 and makedepend (from X11 distribution).
Name : fft.shar Where : in c++ on Netlib Link : Netlib/c++, Netlib Description : radix 2 FFT
Name : fft-sstuff.tar.z Where : in pub/C-numanal on Link : Description : summary about FFT code in C, including lots of source Author : Peter J. McKinney (pm860605@longs.LANCE.ColoState.Edu) and Ron Mayer ( Version : 19 March 1993 Comments : Includes DDJ's improved version of Description : FFT of extremely long series; Singleton's mixed radix algo Author : Javier Soley, FJSOLEY@UCRVM2.BITNET
Name : frac Where : in c on Netlib Link : Netlib/c, Netlib Description : finds rational approximation to floating point value Author : Robert Craig, AT&T Bell Labs - Naperville
Name : fromskip Where : send email to Skip Carter (address at EOF) Language : C++ Description : numerical derivatives with richardson extrapolation, runge-kutta code, monte-carlo integration, fredholm and voltera integral equation solvers, etc.
Name : FSQP, CFSQP Where : FSQP Homepage: or send email to Systems : many (including DOS) Language : FORTRAN (FSQP), C (CFSQP) , Authors : Jian L. Zhou ( and Andre L. Tits ( (FSQP); Craig T. Lawrence (, Zhou and Tits (CFSQP). Version : FSQP: 3.3b, 9/93; CFSQP: 2.0, 7 Feb 1994 Description : solution of constrained continuous optimization problems, possibly minimax (cost function is max of finitely many functions). CFSQP also includes efficient scheme to handle problems with many "sequentially related" objectives or constraints (e.g., finely discretized minimax problems or semi-infinite problems). Comments : modified SQP scheme; successive iterates are all feasible (inequality constraints) or "semi-feasible" (equality constraints). 70 page manual. keywords nonlinear minimisation maximisation nonlinear programming
Name : fudgit_2.31.tar.Z (451691 bytes) Author : Martin-D. Lacasse, Where : pub/Fudgit on Link : Description : C-based fitting and data manipulation program (works on top of gnuplot). Gives you a C-like interpreted script language. Systems : Unix only. Comments : See entry on gnuplot elsewhere in this document. Version : 2.31, 13 April 1993
Name : gaut Where : in general on Statlib Link : Statlib/general Description : upper-tail probabilities on normal and t densities Author : Ajay Shah, Version : 12 May 1991
Name : ga's Where : pub/galist/source-code/ga-source on Link : ( Description : many genetic algorithm optimisation libraries, all in C Comments : they are GAucsd 1.4 (Nici Schraudolph,, GENEsYS 1.0 (Thomas Baeck, Genesis 5.0 (John J. Grefenstette,, Goldberg's SGA in C (with a nCube version) by Rob Smith, Also see survey of GA software in file GAsoft.txt at
Name : gemmw Description : a highly portable Level 3 BLAS implementation of Winograd's variant of Strassen's matrix multiplication algorithm Where : in misc on Netlib Link : Netlib/misc, Netlib Author : Craig C. Douglas, douglas-craig@CS.YALE.EDU Version : 22 May 1992
Name : genocop{,2}.tar.Z Where : in coe/evol on ( Link : Description : nonlinear maximisation with linear constraints. You write C code for the function to optimise and link into genocop. Allowable ranges for each parameter can be defined. Author plans to do nonlinear constraints "soon". Author : ??, Version : 2
Name : geometry Description : archive containing many programs on geometry Where : pub on Link : Comments : Short summary as of 5 June 1993 geomview -- interactive geometry viewing for SGI IRIS evolver -- models evolution of surfaces driven by forces hcad -- drawing hyperbolic polyhedra in 3d poincare disk (for X) invriemann -- inverse riemann mapping by circle packing riemannmap -- riemann mapping by circle packing kali - 2D euclidean symmetry pattern editor for SGI IRIS minneview -- general 3d viewing program for SGI IRIS polycut -- covering spaces of 3d euclidian space from inside crsolver -- conformal mapping, complex analytic functions (NeXT) automata -- automatic groups programs epsilon -- utility for squashing FP roundoff errors in data files hyper -- projective <--> conformal models of hyperbolic space omni_interp and interpolate -- interpolating between formatted data files kaleido -- constructing uniform polyhedra qhull -- general dimension convex hull computations program snappea -- hyperbolic structures computations vcs -- 3d voronoi diagram program viewwld -- viewing line drawings in 3d space (for Suns) vor2d -- 2d voronoi and delaunay diagrams, with cheyenne graphics kaos -- interactive dynamical systems package (Suns)
Name : gle Description : graphics layout editor script or menu driven program for composing a graphics page. Graphics primitives + PostScript file inclusion, plot generation from equations or tabular data + manipulation. Various output formats (X,ps,hpgl..) and utility programs (contour, surface, fits..) Systems : Unix, PC Where : Link : Version : 3.3b Language : ANSI C Author : Chris Pugmire,
Name : gmp-1.3.tar.z Description : GNU multiple precision library Where : in pub/gnu on Link : Version : 1.3, May 10 1993 Author : ?
Name : gmt Where : Link : Description : great scientific graphics Author : ? Systems : Unix Comments : Fits the Unix philosophy. Postscript output supported. Language : C
Name : Gnans Where : in Link : Systems : SunOS 4.1.x, X11 Release 5 or OpenWindows 3 (Binaries run on SunOS 5.x ("Solaris") in compatibility mode.) Language : C++ Author : Bengt Martensson Version : 1.2 (January 13, 1994) Description : Simulation of stochastic and deterministic dynamical systems Comments : A program (and language) for dynamical systems. Includes simple scripting language. Graphical user interface. Copyleft.
Name : gnufit10.tar.gz Author : Carsten Grammes ( Description : Gnuplot 3.2 with nonlinear regression features added Systems : Most Unix, OS/2 2.x. Needs popen(3). Where : pub/utils in Version : 1.0 Comments : Levenberg-Marquadt nonlinear least squares Date : 28 June 1993
Name : gnuplot3.5.tar.Z Authors : coordinated by Alex Woo ( Description : plotting package for functions and data Systems : all systems, all graphics file formats, all output devices Where : in pub/gnuplot on Link : Version : 3.5 Comments : Includes probability functions, 3d plotting with contours and hidden line removal, parametric functions. Has manual, online help, commandline editing and a newsgroup Can be used as a C library. Date : 17 August 1993
Name : go.c.Z (7288 bytes) Where : in pub/C-numanal on Link : Description : Calculate gaussian quadrature rules. Translation of Netlib: go/gausq.f using f2c with some hand-cleaning. You need a log gamma function. Comments : numerical integration
Name : hare (Hazard Regression) Where : file hare (a shar file) in S directory on statlib Link : Statlib/S Author : Charles Kooperberg ( Description : estimates the conditional hazard rate based on possibly censored data and covariates. Includes parametric and non-parametric, additive and non-additive proportional and non-proportional hazards model as special cases. Addition and deletion of basis functions make the fit highly adaptive. Version : statlib, last update April 21, 1993 Comments : actually the objective of this file is to give a end-user of the S statistical package this functionality. But the actual computation is done in C. Described in Univ. of California, Berkeley, Stat tech rep 389. Available from the author.
Name : heft (Hazard Estimation with Flexible Tails) Where : file heft (a shar file) in S directory on statlib Link : Statlib/S Author : Charles Kooperberg ( Description : estimates the unconditional hazard rate using splines. Knot addition, deletion and two extra tail terms make the fit highly adaptive. Version : statlib, last update April 21, 1993 Comments : actually the objective of this file is to give a end-user of the S statistical package this functionality. But the actual computation is done in C. Described in Univ. of California, Berkeley, Stat tech rep 388. Available from the author.
Name : hepC++.html Authors : Marcus Speh (?) Description : Information on C++ applications in HEP Where : in pub/www/projects on Link : Language : access through WWW Date : June 21 1993
Name : ieeetest.zoo (65783 bytes) Where : in pub/C-numanal on Link : Author : Stephen L. Moshier, Description : includes a improved version of paranoia, and code for testing the precision of the C I/O library on FP I/O. Version : 8 March 1993
Name : IND Tree Package Where : available in the US only, contact author Systems : Unix Description : Tree classification routines (supervised learning) including reimplementations of parts of CART, C4.5, and Bayesian and MDL methods with tree smoothing and "decision graphs". The package is made up of a collection of interconnected Unix tools. It comes with a lot of documentation. Author : Wray Buntine, Version : Version 2.1, January 1993
Name : in-spice Where : part of Spice. SPICE3E1 is free, SPICE3E2 is not-free less-buggy. Description : files src/lib/ni/ni{integ,comcof}.c are first- (backward euler) and second- (trapezoidal) order integrator and a >6 order GEAR.
Name : Integer Author : Brian Berns Description : Integer is a set of C++ classes that provides support for unlimited-precision arithmetic. These wholes, integers, and rationals are not limited to a computer's "word" size. For example, using the integer class, you can write the following without fear of overflow: integer n = LONG_MAX; integer m = LONG_MIN; cout << n * m << endl; Where : Language : C++ (Visual C++ and gcc) Date : 18 Jul 1998
Name : jgraph.Z Author : Jim Plank ( Description : filter for producing {encapsulated,} postscript using input in a script language. Presentation quality results. Systems : Unix Where : in pub on, also jgraph.shar in misc on Netlib Link : Language : C Version : 8.3 Comments : Very useful for post-processing the results of a computational program. E.g. an awk program can turn numbers into jgraph code, or a C program can generate jgraph directly. The script language gives a very high degree of control over the final appearance. There is a mailing list. Date : Nov 30 1992
Name : kalman.tar.gz (22747 bytes) Where : in pub/C-numanal on Link : Author : Skip Carter ( Description : A class library for Kalman filtering Language : C++ (works with g++ 2.4.2 also) Version : v1.0, 3 July 1993
Name : Karma Where : graphics/graphics/packages/karma on Link : Description : DSP package
Name : Kaskade Description : Linear elliptic FEM solver written in C. Reads problem description from plain text file - can be (mis)used as triangular mesh generator. Graphical output under X11 and MacOS. Mailing list. Authors : 2-D -- Rainer Roitzsch ( 3-D -- Bodo Erdmann ( Konrad-Zuse-Zentrum fuer Informationstechnik (ZIB) Systems : compiles on Unix and Macintosh Where : (The slightly outdated Link : user manual is in pub/kaskade/AltesZeug/ - in english)
Name : LASSPTools Where : /pub/LASSPTools at Link : Systems : Unix Description : Data manipulation and entry tools for Unix. Author : Various people in the Cornell physics department Comments : A diverse set of tools by various people at the Laboratory of Atomic and Solid State Physics at Cornell. Most useful for a set of X-windows applications and UNIX filters for interactive data manipulation. For instance, there's a mouse-operated track-ball that outputs a rotation matrix describing the orientation of the ball.
Name : leda Description : library of efficient data types and algorithms Version : v3.0, 26 Nov 1992 Where : in pub/LEDA on ( Link : Author : Stefan Naeher ( Comments : includes code on computational geometry There is a mailing list on it; contact
Name : lin_alg.shar.Z Where : in c++ on Netlib Link : Netlib/c++, Netlib Description : BLAS 1 and 2 in C++
Name : logspline Where : file logspline (a shar file) in S directory on statlib Link : Statlib/S Author : Charles Kooperberg ( Description : logspline density estimation fully automatic nonparametric density estimation adaptive smoothing using splines Version : statlib, last update April 21, 1993 Comments : actually the objective of this file is to give a end-user of the S statistical package this functionality. But the actual computation is done in C. Described in Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics, (1993), vol 1, 301-328.
Name : lpsolve Where : volume02 of comp.sources.reviewed Description : very good mixed integer linear program solver Author : Michel Berkelaar ( Version : 1.4, 18 January 1994 Comments : Its core is a sparse matrix dual simplex LP solver. MILP problems are solved with a branch-and-bound iteration over LP solutions. It uses a lex+yacc parser to read a human-friendly algebraic input format. The author has used the program to solve LP problems up to about 30000 variables and 50000 constraints (on a 22 MFLOPS HP9000/750).
Name : Author : Michael Courtney ( Systems : OS/2 2.x, UNIX Version : 1.5, 28 February 1994 Description : Non-linear least squares fitting program that opens a pipe to gnuplot and plots data and attempted fit. It's easy to define your own functions and recompile. Can fit multidimensional data to functions of more than one independent variable. You can choose whether to vary parameters. Language : ANSI C Where : pub/os2/2_x/unix/lsqrft*zip on
Name : machar Where : in misc on Netlib Link : Netlib/misc, Netlib Description : find out properties of floating point hardware Author : William J. Cody,, and Tim Hopkins Version : October 1985
Name : madpack Where : Netlib, in pdes/madpack Link : Netlib/pdes/madpack, Netlib Description : MADPACK is a a compact package for solving systems of linear equations using multigrid or aggregation disaggregation methods. Imbedded in the algorithms are implementations for sparse Gaussian elimination and symmetric Gauss-Seidel (unaccelerated or accelerated by conjugate gradients or Orthomin(1)). This package is particularly useful for solving problems which arise from discretizing partial differential equations, regardless of whether finite differences, finite elements, or finite volumes are used. Author : Craig Douglas, Comments : see directory mgnet on too
Name : marsaglia-random Where :* Link : ftp://bugs.nosc.milpub/ada/random/ Systems : highly portable Language : C, Pascal, Ada Authors : G Marsaglia, M G Harmon & T P Baker, V Broman. Description : highly machine-independent uniform RNG, requires 24-bit fixed point or floating point arithmetic. 953118087 different seed pairs give pseudo-random sequences with period about 2**144. passes stringent randomness tests. Comments : correct operation with 24-bit floats seems to require a guard bit. failing that, try fixed point arithmetic.
Name : matcalc Author : M. Gerberg, E.J. Moore, University of New South Wales, Australia Version : 2.1 Systems : Unix, VMS and DOS installation scripts exist Description : Matlab-like numerical solver. Good support of singular problems. Well structured - easy extension with own C routines which can use the matcalc library. Where : netlib/matcalc on Link :
Name : matclass_info Author : Keith Briggs ( Where : Posted on sci.math.num-analysis and comp.lang.c++ Link : ftp://sci.math.num-analysis/Posted Description : A comprehensive catalog of C++ matrix classes. I am not a C++ junkie (yet); it has a lot of information not present here. Version : Last posted 6 April 1994.
Name : Matclass Description : a C++ class for numerical computation Author : Chris Birchenhall (} Where : send email to author
Name : matmult.tar.z Where : in pub/C-numanal on Link : Author : Clark Thomborson Description : Several C-language codes for n * n matrix multiply, n a power of 2, developed as a laboratory exercise in the Spring of 1993 for MIT course 6.891, "Source Code Optimization for Workstations and Supercomputers." The sources are commented, however the recursive SRM (shuffled-row major) algorithm is obscure. Offered "as is" into the public domain by the course instructor. Version : 7 May 1993
Name : matrices.asc Where : inside in published/dr-dobbs on Description : efficiently raise matrices to an integer power Author : Victor Duvanenko Version : June 1991
Name : matrix-multiply.shar.z Where : in pub/C-numanal on Link : Description : collection of net postings and email about fast matrix multiply Includes C source. Version : 1 May 1993, updated 4 June 1993 Comments : also see matmult.tar.z in this file.
Name : matrix.tar.Z Where : in ftp-raimund/pub/src/Math on Link : ( Author : Paul Schmidt, TI Description : Small matrix library, including SOR, WLS
Name : Where : in mirrors/msdos/c on Link : Version : 0.41, Sept 23 1993 Description : Small matrix toolbox
Name : Matrix.tar.Z Where : in pub Description : The C++ Matrix class, including a matrix implementation of the backward error propagation (backprop) algorithm for training multi-layer, feed-forward artificial neural networks Version : 10 July 1993 Systems : Can use either g++ or cfront. SunOS, Solaris 2, NeXT, SGI, Linux. Author : E. Robert (Bob) Tisdale,
Name : mclaughl.lst Where : inside ddj8909.arc in published/dr-dobbs on Description : source code (500 lines) associated with article on Simulated Annealing by Michael P. McLaughlin. Version : September 1989
Name : meschach Where : in c/meschach on netlib Link : Netlib/c/meschach, Netlib pub/meschach on Systems : Unix, PC Description : a library for matrix computation; matrix, vector, permutation, sparse matrix data structures; basic linear algebra; min/max, sorting & componentwise operations; dense LU, Cholesky, QR, LDL factorisations; dense eigenvalues/vectors, singular value decomposition; sparse matrix factorisations (LU, Cholesky, BKP); iterative methods; error handling; input/output Author : David E. Stewart, Version : 1.2a, 28 February 1994
Name : meschach Where : in c/meschach on netlib Link : Netlib/c/meschach, Netlib Systems : Unix, PC Description : a library for matrix computation; more functionality than Linpack; nonstandard matrices Author : David E. Stewart, Version : 1.1, 8 April 1993
Name : mfloat Where : in math on simtel. Link : ftp://simtel./math Systems : DOS Language : written C++ and 80x86 assembly, useful for C, C++, Pascal Author : Kaufmann Friedrich, Mueller Walter, Version : 2.0 into beta testing 2 June 1994. Description : fast high precision FP arithmetic (upto 77 digits) Comments : Shareware ($25).
Name : MG-mglib.html Authors : Marcus Speh Description : Information on development of a C++ library for multigrid Where : in pub/www/projects on Link : Language : access through WWW Date : June 21 1993
Name : minit Where : volume 7 of comp.sources.misc Systems : Unix Description : linear programming by dual simplex method Author : Badri Lokanathan Version : 1.0, July 1989 Comments : don't miss minit.p1
Name : mm.c and mmgen.c Author : Mark Smotherman ( Description : benchmarking matrix multiply Where : in pub/programs/mark on Link : Comments : includes a lot of code for fast matrix multiply Date : 24 June 1993
Name : morrow.arc and gamaze.asc Where : inside in published/dr-dobbs on Description : genetic algorithm for optimisation, associated with article on the subject by Mike Morrow. Version : April 1991
Name : Mrandom (version 1) Where : Comp.sources.unix, Volume 25, Issue 23, December 1991 Systems : 4.3bsd Unix Language : C Author : Clark Thomborson Version : 1, 12/91 Description : bug fix for 4.3bsd Unix random() Comments : random number generator, 4.3bsd Unix library routine
Name : Mrandom (version 2.3) Where : anon ftp from, directory pub/cthombor, have submitted to comp.sources.unix Systems : 4.3bsd Unix Language : C Author : Clark Thomborson Version : 2.3, 8/92 Description : bug fix for 4.3bsd Unix random(), interface to other RNGs Comments : random number generator, 4.3bsd Unix library routine
Name : newmat Where : volume34, issue 107 of comp.sources.misc Language : C++ Systems : Unix (g++ 2.3.3 ok), MS-DOS (Borland C++) Description : a very thorough matrix class Author : Robert Davies ( Version : v7, 11 Jan 1993
Name : nlmdl Where : in pub/arg/nlmdl at ( Link : ftp://ccvr/pub/arg/nlmdl in volume 16 of comp.sources.misc Language : C++ Systems : Unix, MS-DOS (Turbo C++) Description : a library for estimation of nonlinear models Author : A. Ronald Gallant, Comments : nonlinear maximisation, estimation, includes a real matrix class Version : January 1991
Name : nonlinear Where : in pub/inls-ucsd on ( Link : Language : various Description : archive of programs in nonlinear dynamics, signal processing Author : various, contact person is (Matt Kennel)
Name : Project Northstar Where : ( Description : courseware supporting mathematics and engineering classes Systems : Unix, known to work on IBM,HP,Sun,DEC,Convex. Comments : Not free, but freely available for .edu use.
Name : nrutil Where : pub/incoming/nrutil.shar.Z on or Link : usenet/alt.sources/articles/6772.Z on Description : Appendix B of Numerical Recipes in C is by William Press et al, posted on alt.sources by James C. Hu ( Version : 8 Dec 1992 Comments : Note this is public domain, while none of the other NR source is.
Name : nurbs.tar.Z Where : in /pub/misc/unix/nurbs/nurbs.tar.Z on Link : Author : W. T. Hewitt Description : Data structures and procedures for creation and manipulation of B-Spline curves and surfaces.
Name : Octave Where : Link : Systems : Compiles and runs on SPARC, RS/6000, DEC/Ultrix, i386/Linux Language : C/C++/Fortran Author : John W. Eaton Version : 1.0, 1 March 1994. Description : Matlab-like interactive system for numerical computations Comments : Includes C++ classes for matrix manipulation, numerical integration, and the solution of systems of nonlinear equations, ODEs and DAEs. Distributed under the GPL. 150 page texinfo manual. 2d and 3d plotting using gnuplot.
Name : ols Where : in usenet/comp.sources.reviewed/volume01/ols Systems : almost anything, but it's most useful under Unix Description : A small linear regression package dressed as a Unix tool Author : Ajay Shah, Version : v1.00, late 1991
Name : p-wavelets.tar.Z Where : Link : Author : Eric L. Veum ( Systems : Unix, with X-windows Version : 22 Jun 1994 Description : Compactly Supported Wavelets Transform/Inverse Transform Comments : Transform and inverse transform for compactly supported wavelets with variable scaling factors, of which the special case of 2 are the Daubechies wavelets. Generates phase space time-frequency 3-D graphics if desired.
Name : pdes (sortof) Where : pub/pdetools at Link : Description : extensive collection of C for linear and nonlinear systems, derived principally from pdes.
Name : p4.tar.Z Where : pub/p4 on Description : a library for writing parallel programs for shared-memory or message-passing. It will work on a network of workstations or on parallel hardware. Author : Version : July 28, 1992
Name : paranoia Where : in dist; check netlib/paranoia too Link : Netlib/paranoia, Netlib Systems : Unix Description : exercise the edges of your floating point implementation Comments : also see `ieeetest' in this file.
Name : Pari/GP Where :,, other sites Description : mainly oriented towards number theory, can and is used for numerical computation. Contains arbitrary precision code for all elementary transcendental functions, many higher ones, numerical integration and summation, etc. Systems : all 32 bit OS.
Name : pca Where : in multi on Statlib Link : Statlib/multi Description : principal component analysis
Name : perlman.Z Where : in a on Netlib Link : Netlib/a, Netlib Description : normal, chi-squared and F distributions Author : Gary Perlman
Name : piecewise.tar.Z (68025 bytes) Where : pub/math on ( Link : Language : C Systems : Unix (DOS if getopt available) Description : Piecewise finds a piecewise linear approximation to a 1D function. The program provides two methods to find the approximating segments, both satisfying an L infinity error norm and both SUB-OPTIMAL. The user specifies the tabulated function values and an error bound and the program returns the endpoints of the line segments that approximate the function. The operation is fast (essentially a single pass through the data) and works reasonably well on data with low noise. If the noise level is too high an alternative approach using smoothing splines should be used. Author : Original algorithms by Ivan Tomek and F. Gritzali & G.Papakonstantinou Port to C and packaging by Tim Monks ( Version : 3 March 1991 Comments : keywords linear splines
Name : pierreQP.tar.Z (17680 bytes) Where : in pub/C-numanal on Link : Author : Pierre Asselin, Description : Extremely good package for calculation of gaussian quadrature rules Comments : numerical integration
Name : polyfit.tar.Z Description : fit polynomials to data Where : in ftp-raimund/pub/src/Math on Link : ( Author : Ted Stefanik, ted@adelie.Adelie.COM Version : 8 August 1989
Name : praxis Where : in math on Simtel Link : ftp://Simtel/math Description : derivative-free maximisation Version : July 1987
Name : presto Where : pub/presto1.0.tar.Z on Language : C++ Systems : Unix-like OS on (moderate) multiprocessor machines Description : C++ routines for fine-grained parallel programming (lightweight threads) on multiprocessors. Tuned for the Sequent machines, but highly adaptable and customizable. Author : Brian N. Bershad, Edward D. Lazowska, Henry M. Levy Version : Version 1.0 is an optimized version by John E. Faust. (All above are from U. Washington, Seattle) Comments : Presto was the subject of a number of research papers in multiprocessor OS. Version 1.0 looks usable (ie not experimental anymore).
Name : proj-4.?.tar.Z Authors : Gerald I. Evenden ( Description : Unix tool for cartographic projection and unprojection Where : in pub on Link : Language : ANSI and POSIX C Comments : has beautiful (TeX) manual in postscript form
Name : psuedo.asc Where : inside in published/dr-dobbs on Description : implements R250 random number generator, from S. Kirkpatrick and E. Stoll, Journal of Computational Physics, 40, p. 517 (1981). Author : W. L. Maier
Name : random Where : bsd-sources/src/lib/libc/gen on Link : Description : the BSD C library random number generator
Name : random-c Where : in c on Simtel Link : ftp://Simtel/c Description : portable, good random number generator
Name : range.tar.Z (191867 bytes) Where : in pub/range on Link : Description : C++ class for interval arithmetic. Associated with article in TOMS, Dec 1992 title "Precise computation using range arithmetic, via C++" Author : Oliver Aberth and Mark J. Schaefer Version : Dec 1992 (?)
Name : ranpm Where : in prog/libraries on ( Link : also in volume5 of comp.sources.misc in "random" Description : the Park-Miller "minimal standard" random-number generator Author : Ajay Shah, Version : February 1992 Comments : there are several other independent implementations, all are quite alike
Name : ranlib-c Where : pub/source/randlib.c-1.3-tar.Z on Link : Description : large library for random variate generation from many univariate and multivariate distributions Author : Barry Brown, Version : v1.3, 25 Aug 1997
Name : rktec.c.Z (20870 bytes) Where : in misc on netlib, or pub/papers/Hosea on Link : Netlib/misc, Netlib Description : computing truncation error coefficients of Albrecht's error expansion for Runge-Kutta formulas. Version 2.1 adds a radial stability region "plotter". Author : Mike Hosea ( Version : v2.1, 5 June 1994 Comments : The niu site also has some techreports.
Name : rlab Where : pub/matlab/RLaB on Link : Systems : Compiles and runs on Sun4, RS/6000, DEC/Ultrix, SysV/R4 i386, Linux, HP-UX, SGI. Broadly, should work on any Unix. Language : C + Fortran Author : Ian Searle ( Version : 1.02a, Thu Jul 14 14:35:23 GMT+0530 1994 Description : "Matlab-like" interactive programming environment for numerical computations. Comments : Includes online help and LaTeX manual. There is a mailing list.
Name : robot Description : a scientific graph plotting and data analysis package. Works for Xview v3, and knows to generates postscript. Where : in pub/astrod on ( Link : Version : v0.46, 7 Feb 1993 Author : Robin Corbet (
Name : rpart (113799 bytes) Where : in general on Statlib Link : Statlib/general Description : Routines for recursive partitioning Author : Terry Therneau, Version : 9 July 1993
Name : sa.tar.gz (30473 bytes) Where : in pub/C-numanal on Link : Description : library for simulated annealing Language : versions for C, C++ and Ada exist. Works with g++ 2.4.2. Author : Skip Carter ( Version : 3 July 1993
Name : sabre.tar.Z (813499 bytes) Where : in pub on Link : Description : (not clear) a linear/nonlinear simulation system Comments : the `portable math library' directory is definitely very useful (5k lines). I noticed some interesting interpolation, integration, banded LU decomposition, nonlinear solver, etc. Author : ? Version : ?
Name : sdeint.tar.z Where : in pub/C-numanal on Link : Systems : Unix, MS-DOS Language : C++ Description : A Runge-Kutta like class for integrating systems of Stochastic Differential Equations Author : Skip Carter, Version : v1.9 4 May 1993
Name : sge.shar Where : in c on Netlib Link : Netlib/c, Netlib Description : Linpack functions geco, gefa, gesl and a little of BLAS; nonstandard matrices Author : Mark K. Seager, Version : April 88
Name : SGPC Description : Simple Genetic Programming in C Author : Walter Alden Tackett ( Where : in the pub/Users/tackett on Version : 28 May 1993 Comments : genetic algorithms, nonlinear maximisation
Name : SIMATH Author : SIMATH-Gruppe, Saarbruecken, Germany Systems : Unix Where : via anonymous ftp: (, ( in pub/simath Version : 3.6.1 Description : SIMATH contains a lot of C-functions over algebraic structures as arbitrary long integers, rational numbers, polynomials, Galois fields, matrices, elliptic curves, algebraic number fields, modular integers, etc. There is also an interactive calculator (simath) which uses the C-libraries of SIMATH. Comments : version 3.6.1 contains a handbook written in English. The SIMATH package also includes a user interface, which makes it possible to use the on-line documentation of the functions and the keyword index. It is free, but you have to first register, in order to get a "license" file without which it won't compile.
Name : simpack-2.1.tar.Z (287965 bytes), simpack-2.1++.tar.Z (82683 bytes) Author : Paul A. Fishwick, Description : tools for writing simulations with a EECS bias Where : pub/simdigest/tools on, also see Link : from cis/tech-reports/tr92 Language : C and C++ versions exist Version : v2.0, June 1992
Name : smirnov.shar.Z (3599 bytes) Author : David Rapoport ( Version : 22 February 1993 Description : Kolmogorov Smirnov two-sample statistic Where : in pub/C-numanal on Link :
Name : SMMS (Sparse Matrix Manipulation System) Description : A collection of about 80 commands to do almost anything you wish to do with sparse matrices VERY EASILY. It is designed as an instructional and prototyping tool, not for "production" work. Where : /pub/smms93/* on Systems : Any Unix system with X-windows, but tested only on Sun, HP and DEC. Also works under DOS Language : Mostly C (any version). One or two routines in Fortran Author : Fernando Alvarado ( Version : Release 2 May 1993 Comments : Includes online help for every command and LaTeX and PostScript versions a manual. Expandable by the user. Release 2 handles complex sparse matrices, interval matrices, blocked matrices adn symbolic matrices. Visualization tools. Interfaces to Harwell routines and Boeing-Harwell sparse matrix data.
Name : smooth.tar.Z Description : Unix tool for smoothing Where : in ftp-raimund/pub/src/Math on Link : ( Author : Bill Davidsen ( Version : v1.9, 15 Aug 1989
Name : smoothwb (209947 bytes) Authors : Lise Manchester ( David Trueman ( Description : Smoothing Workbench Systems : Unix + Xview (e.g. SunOS, Linux) Where : in general on statlib Link : Statlib/general Language : C (2613 lines) and fortran (1458 lines) Comments : interactive program for exploring smoothing methods Includes postscript documentation. Date : 28 June 1993
Name : SPARSE Where : in sparse on Netlib Link : Netlib/sparse, Netlib Description : library for LU factorisation for large sparse matrices Author : Ken Kundert, Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli,
Name : Where : in mirrors/msdos/c on Link : Description : Interpolation using splines under tension, dressed up as a Unix tool Author : James. R. Van Zandt Version : v2.9, 21 Nov 1992
Name : |STAT Where : in pub/stat on ( Link : Description : collection of around 30 Unix tools for statistical analysis Author : Gary Perlman ( Version : 5.4, 27 May 1993 Systems : Unix, MS-DOS Comments : Has been in use for 13 years. There is a troff|ps manual and man pages. Explicitly designed to work with Unix philosophy. The file stat.tar.Z.crypt.uu is ENCRYPTED; you have to send email asking for the password. There is a handbook available.
Name : submit1 Where : in jcgs on Statlib Link : Statlib/jcgs Description : damped convex minorant algorithm Author : David Eberly, Version : May 1992
Name : SVDPACKC.tar.Z Where : in pub/berry on Link : Systems : Sun, IBM RS/6000, HP9000, DECstation, Macintosh II/fx, Cray Y-MP Language : C Description : an ANSI-C library for the singular value decomposition : of large sparse matrices. Lanczos- and subspace iteraton- : based methods are used to iteratively compute several : of the largest (or smallest) singular values and corres- : ponding singular vectors. Sample UNIX C-SHELL scripts : are provided for automatic compiling and testing of the : library routines. Cray Y-MP compatible routines provided. Author : Michael W. Berry ( Version : 1.0, June 1993
Name : svd.c.Z (8704 bytes) Where : in pub/C-numanal on Link : Description : SVD based on pascal from J. C. Nash book Author : Bryant Marks ( Brian Collett ( Version : 14 April 1993
Name : taranto-1.0.shar.Z Where : in prog/libraries on ( Link : Description : portable, accurate FP to decimal conversion.
Name : totinfo Where : in volume7 of comp.sources.misc Description : info statistic and chi-square for 2-D contingency tables Date : August 1989
Name : tsp Where : pub/dank/ at Link : Systems : Any C environment Description : Simple heuristic Travelling Salesman Problem solver Author : Dan Kegel - from "Discrete Optimization Algorithms," Maciej Syslo Version : 1.1
Name : tsp_solve Where : e-mail request to Systems : Borland, sco and Sun with gcc Language : C++ Authors : Chad Hurwitz ( Robert.J.Craig ( and anyone else who'd like to test their own TSP tour finder's performance Version : 1.0beta Description : Finds Optimal and Heuristic Solutions to many types of Traveling Salesman Problems (TSP). Comments : tsp_solve finds optimal solutions to geometric TSPs with 100 cities in about an hour (don't go to lenscrafters for this one.) It will soon have an asymmetric TSP optimal solution finder that will perform at approximately the same level.
Name : using-lapack.Z (8478 bytes) Where : pub/C-numanal on Link : Description : Notes on using Lapack through f2c. Author : S. Sullivan ( Version : 14 April 1993
Name : vis5d Where : ( Systems : SGI, Stardent, IBM PC Language : C, Fortran Authors : Brian Paul ( and Bill Hibbard Version : 3.0 (soon to be 3.1) Description : visualizing/animating data made by numerical weather models and similar sources Comments : vis5d interactively provides 3-D isosurfaces, vector-field slices, horizontal and vertical contour and colored slices, and ribbon "particle" trajectories (integral curves)
Name : vspline Where : in gcv on Netlib Link : Netlib/gcv, Netlib Description : non-parametric estimate of a smooth vector-valued function from noisy data Author : Jeff Fessler Comments : splines
Name : wavethresh (wavelet.shar) Where : in directory S on Statlib, and anonymous ftp from, in directory pub/masgpn Link : Statlib/S Language : C (and S functions) Author : Guy Nason ( Version : 2.1 (March 26 1993) Description : wavelet transform & thresholding software in C for linking into S. Comments : Performs 1- and 2-D discrete wavelet transforms using Daubechie's wavelets. Also performs thresholding according to Donoho and Johnstone.
Name : weisfeld-simplex.shar (7457 bytes) Where : pub/C-numanal on Link : Description : small implementation of simplex method for linear programming. Author : Matt Weisfeld (not on Internet) Version : Feb 1993 Comments : associated with article in Feb 1993 CUJ. For production use (where you want a black-box solver), the `lpsolve' package (above) is better. If you want to open up a simplex implementation and modify it, then this is quite good, using the article as documentation.
Name : xgobi Where : in general on Statlib Link : Statlib/general Systems : Unix, needs X Windows Description : a data analysis package emphasising graphical data exploration Author : Debby Swayne, Dianne Cook, Andreas Buja, Date : 23 March 1993 Comments : EDA
Name : XLispStat Where : pub/xlispstat on Link : Systems : Unix, Macintosh, MSW Description : a statistical package Author : Luke Tierney, Version : Comments : object-oriented, EDA, graphics, lisp
Name : xtrap.c.Z (4463 bytes) Author : Bryan M. Gorman, Version : 28 July 1992 Description : extrapolation program. Supports 6 algorithms: VBS approximants, Aitken delta-squared, Wynn epsilon algo, Wynn rho algo, Brezenski theta algo, Levin u-transform. Is dressed up as a Unix tool. Where : pub/C-numanal on Link :
Name : xvgr/xmgr (open look or motif versions) Where : /CCALMR/pub/acegr on Link : ftp://amb//CCALMR/pub/acegr Systems : Unix, with either open look or motif Description : graphics for EDA Author : Paul J. Turner, Version : 2.10, 2 May 1993

f2c: Fortran to C

In case you had not already noticed it: a public domain, industrial strength, fortran-to-C translator named f2c exists. It has one great strength and one great weakness: "It is a true compiler". Thus the code generated always "works", at the price of frequently looking like fortran.

A lot of useful fortran libraries can readily be turned into working C using f2c, and the resulting C can often be made almost human after some hand-editing. The weakest link of f2c is code which involves matrices.

A pointer to f2c is at EOF. f2c is also inside Netlib, so you are probably better off figuring out how to use Netlib.

Other pointers

There is a lot of interesting C source in these fields which I know nothing about: The comp.dsp FAQ has some pointers to source code. Please send me complete entries to include in the above index.

A lot of 3rd party source code which hooks into the S statistical package uses computational engines written in C. With a little work you can extract useful source from this. Look in the S directory at Statlib/ for more pointers. If you find something which is remarkably useful and easy to extract, please tell me about it.

The same phenomenon operates to some extent for the XLispStat package. Look around on the site.

Interesting sites

If you don't have ftp access, send email to saying "help". You will get instructions on how to do ftp via email.

Juhana Kouhia ( has setup a very nice service: Everything in this index (except for what is on {net,stat}lib) is mirrored in pub/sci/math/numcomp-free-c on Note: this site is in finland. If you are in the US, please try to find a site closer to you.

source-code newsgroups:  (e.g. usenet/comp.sources.reviewed archives the
        comp.sources.reviewed newsgroup).
        dist/f2c on
        pub/gnu on
        See also Netlib/f2c

        Netlib       email, ftp             email, xnetlib               email, xnetlib for Europe
           (e.g. send email to to access by email) is a mail server useful for Europe. ( in Australia
Statlib: (as statlib) (
others: has a small collection in pub/math, including
        fft stuff not listed above. is quite interesting


Name        : C Mathematical Function Handbook
Author      : Louis Baker
Language    : C and C++
Version     : 757 pages, soft, including floppy, McGraw Hill, 1992, $50
Description : Code implementing the algorithms and formulas in
              Abramovitz and Stegun, with several chapters added.  It will 
              save you a lot of time as compared with writing code out of A&S.
              95% of the pages in the book are merely the source code, without
              even doing pretty printing.  It improves on A&S in (broadly)
              mathematical physics.

              The code does not show very good C competence.  The code
              and the book betray their development on a computer running
              MS-DOS.  Sometimes, more-recent algorithms which improve on A&S
              are ignored.

Name : Applied Numerical Methods in C Author : Shoichiro Nakamura Version : Prentice Hall, hardback, $48; disk+manual costs $35. 604 pages.
Name :


The following people helped me put this index together:
Bardo Muller           
David E. Stewart       
Skip Carter           
John Gregory          
John Eaton            
P. G. Hamer           
Alan Magnuson         
David Rapoport        
Peter Fraenkel        
Martin-D. Lacasse     
Matthew Koebbe        
Nicolas Ratier        
Henri Cohen           
Bill Hutchison        
Ronald F. Guilmette             segfault!
Jay Han               
Van Snyder                      vsnyder@math.Jpl.Nasa.Gov
Alan Cabrera          
Vincent Broman        
Piercarlo Grandi      
Abed Hammoud          
Richard A. O'Keefe    
Fumiaki Kamiya        
Kieth Briggs          
Brian Glendenning               bglenden@colobus.CV.NRAO.EDU
Bill Gropp            
Emmett McLean         
Wenfu Ku              
Adrian Ireland        

Of course, we owe infinite gratitude to the authors themselves, for
making their work available in the public domain.

Original Author:
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