Peter Flynn

The WorldWideWeb Handbook

An HTML Guide for Users, Authors and Publishers

International Thomson Computer Press, ISBN 1-85032-205-8

This is an indispensable companion for anyone using the WorldWideWeb, whether they are a casual or experienced user or information provider.

I was asked to write the book following the success of the first Developing Countries' Workshop, which I co-taught at Stanford with Ed Krol and Art St George before the 1993 INET Conference in San Francisco, where the Web featured large for the first time.

UCC was one of the earliest Web sites, and one of the hats I wear is as a member of the IETF Working Group on HTML. Tim Berners-Lee, who invented the Web, has been kind enough to write the Foreword, and I hope you'll all rush out and buy it :-)

ITCP have made a selection from the book available, along with a Table of Contents, and you can download the indispensable HTML Reference Card which appears at the back of the book (online versions are available for A4 and Letter size paper). Here's the full bibliographic record:

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note = 	  	 "Three sections deal with (1) Getting connected to the Internet 
 	  	 and using Internet software; (2) Writing HTML (2.0) files for 
 	  	 the WorldWideWeb; (3) Running a HTTP server and providing a Web 
 	  	 service. Author is a member of the IETF Working Group on HTML.  
 	  	 Text includes additional material on SGML; choice of editors, 
 	  	 browsers and servers;copyright and intellectual property; and 
 	  	 advance details of HTML3.",
pages = 	 350, 
price = 	 "USD 35.00 approx GBP 25.00" }

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