ARC Project on Family Transformations: Incentives and Norms (2015-2020)


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Program of our internal workshops: Durbuy 1, Durbuy 2, Durbuy 3, Durbuy 4

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Team in 2019 (Durbuy 4)

team in 2019
(credit: Malgorzata Mikucka)

Team in 2018 (Durbuy 3)

team in 2018
(credit: Elisa Rizzo)

Team in 2017 (Durbuy 2)

team in 2017

Team in 2016 (Durbuy 1)

Professors: Luca Pensieroso, Ester Rizzi, David de la Croix, Thomas Baudin, Fabio Mariani


Post-docs: Sara Salomone, Bastien Chabé-Ferret, Cristina Munno, Sandra Brée, Paula Gobbi, Marion Mercier, Malgorzata Mikucka, Li Ma


Pre-docs: Robert Stelter, Francesca Truffa, Elisa Rizzo, Annalisa Frigo, Koyel Sarkar, Eric Roca, Charalampos Dantis, Keiti Kondi


Everybody together: 1 Albanian, 1 Argentinian, 1 Belgian, 1 Chinese, 4 French, 1 German, 1 Greek, 1 Indian, 8 Italian, 1 Polish, 1 Spanish.

full team


All publications of the team should include the following ackowledgment: "This research is part of the ARC project 15/19-063 on "family transformations" (French speaking community of Belgium)."

This does not prevent you from acknowledging other sources of funding.