Repertorium Eruditorum Totius Europae

A relational database of scholars and literati intervening in European Academia since the inception of the first universities to the dawn of the Industrial Revolution is a needed tool to address the question of the role of Academia in the ``Rise of the West’’ with the methods of economics and statistics.

Establishing such a database started in 2017 and contains now (in October 2021) more than 50000 persons active in 400 universities and academies. The project was first funded by ‘Special Research Funds’ of UCLouvain, then by the European Research Council (ERC) under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, under grant agreement No. 883033 "Did elite human capital trigger the rise of the West? Insights from a new database of European scholars".

The data collection consists in harvesting manually secondary sources on the history of universities and academies. Starting in 2021, when we have completed the data collection for a given institution, we produce an issue of the Repertorium Eruditorum totius Europae, providing a short description of the institution and the source used, together with some descriptive statistics. When finished, it can serve as an encyclopia of pre-industrial institutions of higher education in Europe

Editor-in-Chief: Prof. David de la Croix
Co-editor: Dr. Mara Vitale
Editorial assistant: Ms. Virginie Leblanc, Mr. Sébastien Schillings
Collaborators: Prof. Alice Fabre, Prof. Robert Stelter, MA Chiara Zanardello, LLM Soraya Karioun, MA Julie Duchene, MA Maximilian Ganterer, BEng Valentine Dubois, MA Gaia Spolverini, BA Hugo Jay, BA Fanny Dock, MA Thomas Eisfeld, Dr. Fabio Blasutto, MA Philippe Catoire, BA Cecilia Rolla, MA Giovanni Di Caprio, MA Mehrdaad Doraghi, BA Panagiotis Mytilinaios, BA Elise Delvaux.

Covered institution Author(s) Volume Link Pdf

University of Bologna (1088-1800) de la Croix, Vitale 1 1-10 pdf
University of Valladolid (1280-1800) de la Croix, Karioun 1 11-18 pdf
Royal College in Paris (1530-1800) de la Croix 1 19-24 pdf
University of Jena (1558-1800) de la Croix, Stelter 1 25-32 pdf
Royal Society of Sciences of Montpellier (1706-1793) de la Croix 1 33-39 pdf
University of Geneva (1559-1800) Debois, de la Croix 1 41-47 pdf
Danzig Research Society (1743-1800) de la Croix, Ganterer 1 49-54 pdf

University of Pont-à-Mousson (1572-1768) de la Croix, Karioun 2 1-6 pdf
"Mersenne" Academy (1635-1648) de la Croix, Duchêne 2 7-12 pdf
University of Valence (1452-1793) de la Croix, Fabre 2 13-20 pdf
University of Copenhagen (1475-1800) de la Croix 2 21-29 pdf
University of Gießen (1607-1800) de la Croix, Stelter 2 31-38 pdf
University of Macerata (1540-1800) de la Croix, Spolverini 2 39-45 pdf
Black African Scholars de la Croix 2 47-50 pdf
Gresham College (1597-1800) Debois, de la Croix 2 51-57 pdf

Royal Prussian Academy of Sciences (1700-1800) de la Croix, Eisfeld, Ganterer 3 1-9 pdf
Royal Spanish Academy (1713-1800) de la Croix, Duchêne 3 11-17 pdf
Gregorian University in Rome (1551-1773) de la Croix, Karioun 3 19-26 pdf
University of Santiago de Compostela (1526-1800) de la Croix, Spolverini 3 27-32 pdf
University of Padua (1222-1800) de la Croix, Vitale 3 33-42 pdf
Royal Bourbon College in Aix-en-Provence (1603-1763) de la Croix, Fabre 3 43-50 pdf
Academy of the Ricovrati (1599-1800) Blasutto, de la Croix, Vitale 3 51-63 pdf

University of Göttingen (1734-1800) de la Croix, Stelter 4 1-8 pdf
Academy of Sciences, Letters and Arts of Bordeaux (1712-1793) de la Croix, Dock 4 9-17 pdf
Imperial College of Madrid (1560-1767) de la Croix, Karioun 4 19-25 pdf
Old University of Aberdeen (1495-1800) de la Croix, Jay 4 27-34 pdf
University of Aix (1409-1793) de la Croix, Fabre 4 35-44 pdf
Lubranski College in Poznan (1519-1780) de la Croix 4 45-51 pdf
Universitas Lovaniensis (1425-1797) Catoire, Debois, de la Croix, Duchêne, Ganterer, Vitale 4 53-66 pdf

Academy of the Gelati (1588-1799) Rolla, Vitale 5 1-7 pdf
University of Leiden (1575-1800) de la Croix, Stelter 5 9-16 pdf
Saint Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1724-1800) de la Croix, Doraghi 5 17-25 pdf
University of Fermo (1585-1800) Di Caprio, Vitale 5 27-34 pdf
Global view (1000-1800) de la Croix 5 35-41 pdf
Academy of Sciences of Turin (1757-1800) de la Croix, Zanardello 5 43-51 pdf
University of Lund (1666-1800) de la Croix 5 53-60 pdf

University of Parma (1412-1800) Rolla, Vitale 6 1-8 pdf
Royal Dublin Society (1757-1800) Debois, de la Croix 6 9-15 pdf
Académie Française (1635-1793) de la Croix 6 17-23 pdf
University of Heidelberg (1386--1800) de la Croix, Stelter 6 25-34 pdf
University of Cracow (1364--1800) de la Croix, Spolverini 6 35-42 pdf
University of Dole (1422--1691) de la Croix, Mytilinaios 6 43-50 pdf
Academy of Toulouse (1729-1793) de la Croix, Delvaux 6 51-58 pdf

University of Salamanca (1218-1800) Vitale 7 1-9 pdf
Royal Society (1660-1800) de la Croix, Mytilinaios 7 11-19 pdf
University of Tubingen (1477-1800) de la Croix, Stelter 7 21-30 pdf
University of Turin (1404 – 1800) Zanardello 7 31-38 pdf
Academy of Besançon (1752-1793) de la Croix, Delvaux 7 39-45 pdf
Academy of Lisbon (1779-1800) Vitale 7 47-54 pdf
Academy of Bologna (1714–1800) Rolla, Zanardello 7 57-65 pdf

A Timeline of Medieval Universities (1714–1800) de la Croix, Vitale 8 1-5 pdf
University of Strasbourg (1621–1795) de la Croix 8 7-15 pdf
Philosophical Society of Oxford (1651–1690) Zanardello 8 17-25 pdf