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* 5 July 2017: Article led by Eric Wolanski just published, attempting to elucidate the processes that, in 2016, led to the exceptional mass coral bleaching in the northern Great Barrier Reef (Australia). Press release from UCL and JCU.

* 3 May 2017: Opinion paper on the failure rate in 1st year at university.

* 15 April 2017: Three teaching/research assistant to be hired for MEMA! See the job ad here.

* 31 March 2017: My 2017-2018 MSc thesis topics for Louvain School of Engineering students is ready. 

* 27 March 2017: Public presentation trying to explain why the success rate for "my course" of introductory physics (LBIR1121) for 1st year students in bioengineering is relatively high.