Current: R&D EM/Antenna Engineer in ART-FI, Paris

Past: Post-Doc Researcher at Université catholique de Louvain (UCL), Belgium

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I conduct research in the fields of Antennas and Electromagnetics. My PhD focused on analysis of waves propagating from compact antennas that are designed to work in close vicinity of lossy scatterers (e.g. human body). In the framework of European projects, we have introduced various antennas for different applications. My research interests include applying electromagnetics to design different types of antennas like multi-band/wide-band arrays, Electromagnetic Bandgap (EBG) antennas, switched-parasitic arrays, compact antennas, and body-area-network (BAN) antennas.
I received my bachelor's and master's degree  in Electrical Engineering from Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST), Tehran, Iran, in 2004 and 2007, respectively.

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