Florian Mayneris 

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Current research

Discussion papers

Effets des infrastructures de transport sur le niveau et la localisation des activités économiques - Une analyse bibliographique, 2017, IRES DP 2017-23.
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Improving or Disappearing: Firm-level Adjustments to Minimum Wages in China, 2017, with S. Poncet and Tao Zhang, (revised version of  IRES DP 2016-27).
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Work in progress

Exporting services to boost goods exports, with A. Ariu and M. Parenti.

Cities in motion: Local goods, local jobs, and gentrification in New-York, with K. Behrens, B.Boualam and J. Martin.


Income distribution and vertical comparative advantage, 2014, with H. Latzer (revised version of IRES DP 2012-18, CORE DP 2012-34).
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A new perspective on the firm-size growth relationship: Shape of profits, investment and heterogeneous credit constraints, 2011, IRES DP 2011-44, CORE DP 2011-62.
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