Florian Mayneris 

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Current research

Discussion papers

One way to the Top: How services boost the demand for goods, 2018, with A. Ariu and M. Parenti, NBB Working paper N° 340.
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Effets des infrastructures de transport sur le niveau et la localisation des activités économiques - Une analyse bibliographique, 2017, IRES DP 2017-23.
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Improving or Disappearing: Firm-level Adjustments to Minimum Wages in China, 2017, with S. Poncet and Tao Zhang, (revised version of  IRES DP 2016-27).
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Work in progress

Gentrification and local business pioneers, with K. Behrens, B.Boualam and J. Martin.


Income distribution and vertical comparative advantage, 2014, with H. Latzer (revised version of IRES DP 2012-18, CORE DP 2012-34).
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A new perspective on the firm-size growth relationship: Shape of profits, investment and heterogeneous credit constraints, 2011, IRES DP 2011-44, CORE DP 2011-62.
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