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Refereed publications in English

Improving or Disappearing: Firm-level Adjustments to Minimum Wages in China, 2018, with S. Poncet and Tao Zhang, forthcoming Journal of Development Economics.
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The impact of Urban Enterprise Zones on establishments' location decisions and labor market outcomes: Evidence from France, 2017, with T. Mayer and L. Py, Journal of Economic Geography, 17(4), pp. 709-752 (lead article).
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High-End Variety Exporters Defying Gravity: Micro Facts and Aggregate Implications, 2015, with J. Martin, Journal of International Economics, 96(1), pp. 55-71.
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Chinese firms' entry on export markets : the role of foreign export spillovers, 2015, with S. Poncet, World Bank Economic Review, 29(1), pp. 150-179.
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The efficiency of enterprise zone programs: Some conflicting results?, 2013, with L. Py, Région et Développement, 38, pp. 209-224.
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Cluster policies and firm selection: Evidence from France, 2013, with L. Fontagné, P. Koenig and S. Poncet, Journal of Regional Science, vol. 53(5), pp. 897-922.
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French firms penetrating Asian markets: Role of export spillovers, 2013, with S. Poncet, Journal of Economic Integration, vol. 28(2), pp. 354-374.
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Spatial concentration and plant-level productivity in France, 2011, with P. Martin and T. Mayer, Journal of Urban Economics, vol. 69(2), pp. 182-195.
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Public support to clusters: A firm-level study on French Local Productive Systems, 2011, with P. Martin and T. Mayer, Regional Science and Urban Economics, vol. 41 (2), pp. 108-123.
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Local export spillovers in France, 2010, with P. Koenig and S. Poncet, European Economic Review, vol. 54, pp. 622-641.
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Refereed publications in French

Les pôles de compétitivité wallons. Quel impact sur les performances économiques des entreprises?, 2018, with C. Dujardin and V. Louis, Revue d'Economie Régionale et Urbaine, vol. 2/2018, pp. 417-461.
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Evaluation des politiques de clusters: sélection, autosélection et impact, 2011, Reflets et Perspectives de la Vie Economique, vol. 1-2, pp. 109-115.
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Economies d'agglomération à l'exportation et difficulté d'accès aux marchés, 2010, with P. Koenig and S. Poncet, Economie et Statistique, vol. 435-436, pp. 85-103.
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Books and chapters in books

En finir avec les ghettos urbains? Retour sur l'expérience des zones franches urbaines, 2017, with M. Lafourcade, collection du Cepremap n°44, Editions Rue d'Ulm.
Pdf | Link to the book| Interview Alter Eco | Video book presentation

Are clusters more resilient in crises? Evidence from French exporters in 2008-2009, 2017, with P. Martin and T. Mayer, in The Factory-Free Economy, ed. L. Fontagné and A. Harrison, Oxford University Press.
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Heterogeneous export spillovers to Chinese domestic firms: the role of the difficulty to enter the destination market, 2013, with S. Poncet, in Firms in the international economy: Closing the gap between international economics and international business, ed. S. Beugelsdijk, S. Brakman, H. van Ees and H. Garretsen, MIT Press.
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The economics of clusters - Lessons from the French experience, 2011, with G. Duranton,
P. Martin and T. Mayer, Oxford University Press.
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Le renouveau des politiques régionales en faveur du Mezzogiorno, 2009, in Refaire l'Italie. L'expérience de la gauche libérale (1992-2002), ed. Piero Caracciolo, collection Italica, Editions Rue d'Ulm.
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Les pôles de compétitivité. Que peut-on en attendre?, 2008, with G. Duranton, P. Martin and T. Mayer, collection du Cepremap, Editions Rue d'Ulm.
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Le rôle de l'Etat. Fondements et réformes, 2006, with M. Bacache, collection Thèmes et Débats, Editions Bréal.