The first Dynamics On and Of Complex Networks (DOOCN I) took place in Dresden, Germany, on 4th October 2007, as a satellite workshop of the European Conference on Complex Systems 07. The workshop received a large number of quality submissions from authors pursuing research in multiple disciplines, thus making the forum truly inter-disciplinary. The total number of participants who attended the workshop was approximately 40. There were around 20 speakers who spoke about the dynamics on and of different systems exhibiting a complex network structure, from biological systems, linguistic systems, and social systems to various technological systems like the Internet, WWW, and peer-to-peer systems. The organizing committee has published some of the very high quality original submissions as an edited volume from Birkhauser, Boston describing contemporary research position in complex networks.

After the success of DOOCN I, the organizers launched Dynamics On and Of Complex Networks – II (DOOCN II), a two days satellite workshop of the European Conference of Complex Systems 08. DOOCN II was held in Jerusalem, Israel, on the 18th and 19th September 2008.

DOOCN III was held as a satellite of ECCS 2009 in the University of Warwick, UK on 23rd and 24th of September. In continuation, DOOCN IV was held again as a satellite of ECCS 2010 in the University Institute Lisbon, Portugal on 16th September. DOOCN V was held as a satellite of ECCS 2011 in the University of Vienna on 14th – 15th September 2011. DOOCN VI took place in Barcelona, as a satellite to ECCS 2013, and focused on Semiotic Dynamics in time-varying social media. As DOOCN I, the other five DOOCN workshops counted with a large number participants and attracted prominent scientist in the field. DOOCN VII, held in Lucca as a satellite to ECCS 2014, focused on Big Data aspects.
As the theme was far from being depleted, we once again look into the computational aspects of Big Data in DOOCN VIII.