A Satellite Workshop of European Conference on Complex Systems, 2014

Lucca, Italy, Wednesday, September 24, 2014.
Sala dell’Affresco (San Micheletto)


"Network Science" has recently attracted the attention of a large number of researchers from across various disciplines, mainly due to its ubiquitous applicability in modeling the structure and dynamics of large-scale complex systems (both natural and man-made). Examples of such systems, exhibiting complex interaction patterns among their constituent entities, range from genetic pathways and ecological networks to the WWW, peer-to-peer networks, and blogs and online web-social networks (such as Facebook, Orkut and Twitter).

For the past five years, the primary aim of the series of workshops "Dynamics on and of Complex Networks", held as a satellite meeting of the European Conference on Complex Systems, has been to explore the (statistical) dynamics on and of such complex networks. Dynamics on networks refers to the different types of so called processes (e.g. proliferation, diffusion etc.) that take place on networks. The functionality/efficiency of such processes is strongly affected by the topology as well as the dynamic behavior of the network. On the other hand, Dynamics of networks mainly refers to various phenomena (for instance self-organization, evolutionary clustering) that go on in order to bring about certain changes in the topology of the network.

This year's theme is on Big Data.

You can register for the workshop as well as the main conference here.