Laurent Jacques received the B.Sc. in Physics, the M.Sc. in Mathematical Physics and the PhD in Mathematical Physics from the Université catholique de Louvain (UCL), Belgium. Postdoctoral researcher in the ICTEAM institute of UCL from 2005 to 2011, he was funded by the Walloon Region (2005-2006), the Belgian FRS-FNRS (2006-2010, 2011-2012) and by the Belgian Science Policy (Return Grant, BELSPO, 2010-2011). Visiting researcher at Rice University (DSP/ECE, Houston, TX, USA) in spring 2007, he also performed a postdoctoral stay from 2007 to 2009 at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (LTS2/EPFL, Switzerland). He is Professor and FNRS Research Associate in the Image and Signal Processing Group (ISPGroup) in ICTEAM/UCL since 2012, and a FNRS Senior Research Associate since 2020. His research focuses on Sparse Representations of signals (1-D, 2-D, sphere), Compressive Sensing, 1-bit and Quantized Compressive Sensing, Computational Imaging, Inverse Problems in Optics and in Computer Vision. Since 1999, Laurent Jacques has co-authored 39 papers in international journals, 71 conference proceedings and presentations in signal and image processing conferences, and 4 book chapters. Since 2015, L. Jacques is coordinating a Belgian Incentive Grant for Scientific Research MIS (AlterSense) on “Computational Sensing Strategies for Low-Complexity Signal Models”.

1.  Main fields of interest :

  • Inverse problems via Convex Optimization promoting a priori information (e.g. Sparsity).
  • Random projections (seen as dimensionality reduction) and Compressed Sensing.
  • Theoretical questions linked to new design of sensors (e.g. cameras, biosensors).
  • Applied mathematics for Astronomical and Biomedical signal processing questions.
  • Representation of data on strange spaces (e.g. sphere, manifolds, or graphs).

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2.  Main collaborators:

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3.  Editorial boards

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4.  Frequent and occasional reviewer of:

(non-exhaustive list)

  • Journal of "Information and Inference" (IMA)
  • SIAM J. of Imaging Sciences (SIIMS), Sig. Im. Vid. Proc. (SIVP) journ., Int. J. Wav. Mult. Inf. Proc (IJWMIP) journ., Opt. Comm., J. Math. Im. Vis. (Springer), EURASIP J. Adv. Sig. Proc., European Tran. Tel. (ETT, Wiley), Applied Optics (OSA).
  • IEEE Tran. Inf. Th, IEEE Tran. Sig. Proc, IEEE Tran. Im. Proc, IEEE Sig. Proc. Letters, IEEE Tran. Comm.
  • IEEE Int. Conf. Im. Proc (ICIP), IEEE Int. Conf. Acoust. Speech Sig. Proc. (ICASSP), Eurasip conf. EUSIPCO, GRETSI, IEEE Int. Symp. Inf. Th.

Remark: I'm not reviewing anymore for journals of Elsevier, see why here: The Cost of Knowledge

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5.  Current and Former Technical committees

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6.  Research Grants

  • 2020-now: Senior Research Associate, Belgian National Science Foundation, FRS-FNRS.
  • 2012-2020: Research Associate, Belgian National Science Foundation, FRS-FNRS.
  • 2011-2012: Scientific Research Worker, Belgian National Science Foundation, FRS-FNRS.
  • 2010-2011: Return Grant, Belgian Science Policy (BELSPO).
  • 2006-2010: Postdoctoral Researcher, Belgian National Science Foundation, FRS-FNRS.
  • 2005-2006: NANOTIC - Walloon Region Project.
  • 2005: IRMA - Walloon Region Project.
  • 2005: MEDIANET - European Project.
  • 1999-2000: FRIA/FNRS Scholarship (governmental fund for applied research).

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7.  Research publications

8.  Master Projects (partial list)

8.1  Advisor or co-Advisor

  1. 2019-2020: "Low-rank and sparsity structures for multispectral direct imaging of exoplanets", J. Calbert (co-advisor: P.-A. Absil)
  2. 2019-2020: "Computational extrusion", M. Couplet (co-advisor: L. Demanet)
  3. 2019-2020: "Blind De-Rendering - How to turn a wall into a mirror?", J.-L. Voiseux (co-advisor: L. Demanet)
  4. 2018-2019: "Sparsity-Driven Moving Target Detection in Distributed Multistatic FMCW Radars", G. Monnoyer de Galland de Carnières (co-advisor: L. Vandendorpe)
  5. 2018-2019: "Compressive sensing methods for radar systems", A. Delhaye & M.-P. van Oldeneel tot Oldenzeel (co-advisor: L. Vandendorpe)
  6. 2017-2018: "A Study of Defect Detection by Convolutive Neural Networks", by C. Hautecoeur (co-advisor: C. De Vleeschouwer).
  7. 2017-2018: "Multi-Channel Blind Deconvolution", by A. Paris (co-advisor: L. Demanet, MIT, USA).
  8. 2017-2018: "Matrix Completion Methods for Exoplanet Detection" by X. Lambein (co-advisor: P.-A. Absil).
  9. 2016-2017: "Compressive Clustering of High-Dimensional Datasets by 1-bit Sketching", by V. Schellekens
  10. 2015-2016: "Transfert de qualité entre images", by M. De Ron (co-advisor: C. De Vleeschouwer).
  11. 2015-2016: "Statistical methods for exoplanet detection", by R. Rahir (co-advisor: P.-A. Absil).
  12. 2014-2015: "Inpainting non local d'images satellites à deux résolutions pour l'étude de la déforestation", by S. Carbonnelle
  13. 2014-2015: "Real-time Stereo Slam on SoC", by G. de Foestraets Guillaume (co-advisor: J.-D. Legat)
  14. 2014-2015: "Visual Cryptography in Colours", S. Gilissen (co-advisor: F.-X. Standaerd)
  15. 2014-2015: "Localisation par vision 3D : application au déplacement robotique autonome" by S. François & G. Touwaide (in collaboration with Quimesis)
  16. 2013-2014: "Deconvolution Methods and Coded-Aperture Possibilities for Proton Dose Detection by Gamma Ray Imaging", by B. Peeters
  17. 2012-2013: "Bridging 1-bit High Resolution Quantized Compressed Sensing", by K. Degraux (UCL) (co-advisor: D. Bol)
  18. 2012-2013: "Conception architecturale et modélisation d'un convertisseur 1 bit compressif audio." by L. Neu (co-advisor: D. Bol)
  19. 2011-2012: "De-Clipping of Sound Signals by Sparsity Prior Regularization", by S. Kitic (UCL)
  20. 2011-2012: "Inpainting on Graphs as Interpolation Method" (+non-linear interpolation of data on graph with application to conic/parallel rebinning in X-Ray Computed Tomography) by T. Lienart (UCL)
  21. 2010-2011: "Approche multirésolution pour la reconstruction de la surface d’une lentille optique à partir du gradient", by A. Saint (UCL)
  22. 2009-2010: "Traitements d'images basés sur la transformée en ondelettes sur FPGA pour des applications spatiales", by C. Verleysen and N. Merlin (UCL)
  23. 2008-2009: "The Panoptic Camera - Plenoptic interpolation in an omnidirectional polydioptric camera", by D. Raboud (EPFL, Switzerland)
  24. 2007-2008: "Situational Awareness Using A Single Omnidirectional Camera", by. E. de Vito (EPFL, Switzerland)
  25. 2005-2006: "Interpolation sphérique par Kriging et analyse spectrale de données EEG", by M. Thiry and F. van Damme (UCL)

8.2  Reader

  1. 2018-2019 "Indicateurs de généralisation au sein des couches d’un réseau de neurones convolutifs", M. Novak, A. Van Hoof
  2. 2018-2019 "Data sampling on graphs", H. Devillez
  3. 2017-2018 "Global optimization on manifolds with medical and aerospace application", F. Brancaleone
  4. 2017-2018 "Deep learning in Automatic Piano Transcription", J. Karioun and S. Tihon
  5. 2017-2018 "Force-distance curves analysis in Atomic Force Microscopy", B. Degomme
  6. 2016-2017 "Segmentation of fingerprint images on a glass plate: a multiclass fern approach", N. Antoine.
  7. 2016-2017 "Roots growth visual tracking", by Alabart Gutierrez del Olmo, Carmen.
  8. 2015-2016 "Sum-Of-Squares programming on path-complete graphs for switching systems", by B. Legat.
  9. 2015-2016 "Center of attention prediction for automatic video framing in teamsport events" by Vladimir Somers.
  10. 2014-2015 "Looking for exoplanets" by Pairet Benoît.
  11. 2014-2015 "Détection de mouvements respiratoires par caméra 3D pour la génération d'alarme chez le patient hospitalisé", by Sparta Pierre.
  12. 2013-2014 "Plane-sweeping stereo matching for 3D reconstruction. Reconstruction 3D par glissement de plans en stéréovision", by G. Nicolas.
  13. 2012-2013 "Modélisation de la consommation énergétique de l'Internet selon une approche ascendante", by S. Baudoin.

8.3  International Expert

  1. 2019 External evaluator for the French National Research Agency (ANR).
  2. October 2015: Project evaluation for Agoranov, a public incubator in Paris, France.
  3. February 7, 2012: "Geometric group sparsity in image analysis" by A. Fawzi, EPFL, Switzerland.
  4. February 7, 2012: "Efficient Depth Based Image Rendering for Virtual Views Synthesis" by G. Chevtchenko, EPFL, Switzerland.

9.  Supervision of internships

  • Nicolas Matz (INSA, Toulouse, France): "Spectral clustering sur des données biologiques", 1/7/2014-30/9/2014

10.  Patents

11.  Current and Former Project Participation

11.1  Coordinator

11.2  Partner

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12.  Tutorials and courses in summer/winter schools

  1. October 7-10, 2018: "Geometry-preserving Embeddings: Dimensionality Reduction Techniques for Information Representation"
    Petros Boufounos and Laurent Jacques.
    IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP18), October 7-10, 2018, Athens, Greece.
  2. September 12, 2014: Giving an invited tutorial entitled "Compressed Sensing in Optics: Schlieren Deflectometry and Refractive Index Map Reconstruction" (pdf slides), for the "Journée thématique conjointe GDR/ISIS et GDR/SoC-SiP" at Télécom ParisTech entitled "Acquisition/Echantillonnage comprimé : quelles réalisations/applications pratiques ?".
  3. June 23, 2014: Giving an invited tutorial entitled "Compressed sensing et récents développements en matière de quantification extrême des mesures (à 1-bit)" at Institut Elie Cartan de Lorraine (IECL, Nancy, France) for the French "Journée Scientifique de la Fédération Charles Hermite" on "Parcimonie" (sparsity).
  4. June 16-18, 2014: Giving a 2h course entitled "Quantizing compressed sensing: From high resolution to 1-bit quantization schemes" at the "Joint ICTP-TWAS School on Coherent State Transforms, Time-Frequency and Time-Scale Analysis, Applications", ICTP, Trieste, Italy.
  5. April 7, 2014: Tutorial at Eurographics 2014 (Strasbourg, France) on "An Introduction to Optimization Techniques in Computer Graphics" with I. Ihrke, X. Granier, G. Guennebaud and B. Goldlücke. Title of my part: "Compressed Sensing: how to sample data from what you know".
  6. May 27, 2013: "Modern Quantization Strategies for Compressive Sensing and Acquisition Systems"
    Petros Boufounos and Laurent Jacques.
    International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing (ICASSP13), May 26-31, 2013, Vancouver, Canada
    (slides + webpage)

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13.  Workshops and Minischool Participations

  1. 2009: "Dequantizing Compressed Sensing: Sparse Recovery with Non-Gaussian Constraints", by Jalal Fadili, Laurent Jacques and David Hammond. In Approximation and "Optimization in Image Restoration and Reconstruction" workshop, Ile de Porquerolles, France June 8–12, 2009
  2. 2008: "Compressed sensing imaging techniques for aperture synthesis by radio interferometry", by L. Jacques, Y. Wiaux, G. Puy and P. Vandergheynst. In "Workshop on Sparsity and its application to large inverse problems", Cambridge University, Cambridge UK, December 14-15, 2008.
  3. 2003: "The YAWtb: Yet Another Wavelet toolbox", by L. Jacques. In "Minischool on Nonlinear and Adaptive Approximation", December 1-5, 2003, at CIRM, Marseilles

14.  Invited Conference/Workshop Presentations

  1. 2019: Invited to give a keynote lecture on "Computational Fourier Transform Interferometry for Hyperspectral Imaging" (slides) in the Meeting on Image reconstruction of the network on "Turning images into value through statistical parameter estimation", UGhent, Belgium.
  2. 2019: Invited to give a talk on "Compressive Single-Pixel Fourier Transform Imaging Using Structured Illumination" at the special session "Recent Advances in Signal Processing for Large-Scale Computational Imaging", in ICASSP'19, Brighton, UK. (Slides in pdf)
  3. 2019: Invited to give a talk on "Structured Illumination and Variable Density Sampling for Compressive Fourier Transform Interferometry" at the special session "Computational Biomedical Imaging" at the International BASP Frontiers workshop 2019 (February 3 - 8, 2019 - Villars-sur-Ollon, Switzerland). (Slides in pdf)
  4. 2018: Intersection of Information Theory and Signal Processing: New Signal Models, their Information Content and Acquisition Complexity, Banff International Research Station, Canada, October 28th-November 2th, 2018. Invited speaker. Giving a talk on "Dithered quantized compressive sensing with arbitrary RIP matrices".
  5. 2018: Invited to the special session "Signal and Information Processing with Coarsely Quantized Data" organized by M. Stein and Lee Swindlehurst at 2018 IEEE Statistical Signal Processing Workshop (SSP). Contribution: "Taking the edge off quantization: projected back projection in dithered compressive sensing" by C. Xu, V. Schellekens, and I.
  6. 2018: ICCHA7 (May 14-18, 2018, Vanderbilt U., TN, USA). Invited speaker. Talk on "Quantized Compressive Sensing with RIP Matrices: The Benefit of Dithering".
  7. May 2nd, 2018: Invited to give a talk on "Time for dithering! Quantized random embeddings with RIP random matrices" (slides in pdf and youtube video) at the Second Mini-workshop on "The Future of Random Projections" organized by Igor Carron (LightOn, Paris), Laurent Daudet (Paris Diderot & LightOn, Paris) and Florent Krzakala (ENS and LightOn, Paris).
  8. 2017: Invited speaker at "Journée thématique conjointe IEEE-CAS et GDR/SOC2(SoC-SiP),12 Décembre 2017,ParisTech", Paris, France.
    Talk on "A quantized view on compressive sensing systems and compressive learning methods" (slides here)
  9. 2017: Invited speaker in the special session "Mathematical theory of quantization" organized by Sjoerd Dirksen and Rayan Saab, at SAMPTA17 (Tallinn, Estonia, July 3-7, 2017). Talk entitled "The Rare Eclipse Problem on Tiles: Quantized Embeddings of Disjoint Convex Sets" (joint work with V. Cambareri and C. Xu). See also arXiv:1702.04664 for the corresponding preprint.
  10. 2017 Invited speaker at the URSI Forum (RMA, Belgium, February 16, 2017). Talk on "A short introduction to compressive sensing, its applications and relatives".
  11. 2016 Invited speaker at CoSeRA 2016, Aachen, Germany (September 19-22, 2016). Talk on "A Non-Convex Blind Calibration Method for Randomised Sensing Strategies, (pdf slides), work done in collaboration with Valerio Cambareri.
  12. 2016 Workshop on Low Complexity Models in Signal Processing, February 15-19, 2016, Hausdorff Trimester Program on "Mathematics of Signal Processing", Bonn, Germany. Invited speaker, talk on "Quantized random projections of low-complexity sets".
  13. 2015 Second Workshop on Optimization for Image and Signal Processing (MAORI), Institut Henri Poincaré, Paris, December 7-9, 2015. Invited speaker, talk on "Quasi-isometric embedding of (convex) vector sets in quantized compressed sensing".
  14. 2015 FETCH2015 French winter school (UCL, Belgium, January 8, 2015). Invited short course on "What can we learn from Compressed Sensing in sensor design?".
  15. 2014 "Journée conjointe GDR STIC SANTE/GDR ISIS/Labex PRIMES" on "Représentations parcimonieuses, échantillonnage compressé et imagerie médicale" at INSA, Lyon, France, November 19, 2014. Invited for a presentation entitled "Observing the transparency: Compressive optical deflectometry and refractive index imaging" (pdf slides)
  16. 2014: ICCHA5 (May 19-23, 2014, Vanderbilt U., TN, USA). Invited speaker. Talk on "When Buffon's needle problem helps in quantizing the Johnson-Lindenstrauss Lemma".
  17. 2014 Invited presentation at the Belgian "Cercle d'Astronomes Amateurs du Pays de Charleroi" (Centre de Culture Scientifique de l'ULB, campus de Parentville, Couillet). Popular scientific talk (in French) on "Du ciel aux images ! Comment acquérir et traiter des images (astronomiques)" (pdf slides).
  18. 2013: SAMPTA2013 (July 1st-5th, Bremen, Germany). Invited Session IX: Sampling for Imaging Science. "Compressive Acquisition of Sparse Deflectometric Maps" by Prasad Sudhakar, Laurent Jacques, Adriana Gonzalez Gonzalez, Xavier Dubois, Philippe Antoine, Luc Joannes.
  19. 2013: SAMPTA2013 (July 1st-5th, Bremen, Germany). Invited Session III: Sampling and Quantization. "Quantized Iterative Hard Thresholding: Bridging 1-bit and High Resolution Quantized Compressed Sensing" by Laurent Jacques, Kévin Degraux and Christophe De Vleeschouwer.
  20. 2011: "Refractive Index Map Reconstruction in Optical Deflectometry Using Total-Variation Regularization"
    L. Jacques (collaborative work with A. Gonzalez, E. Foumouo and P. Antoine)
    Invited presentation in "Wavelets and Sparsity XIV"
    SPIE Optical Engineering and Applications, 21-25 August 2011, San Diego, CA, USA.
  21. 2009: IEEE International Conference on Image Processing, Nov. 2009, Cairo, Egypt, Special Session: "Sparsity Tour of Inverse Problems".
  22. 2009: Invited at the conference "Ondelettes et Sciences du Vivant" organized by C. Charles in Dec 2009, and the Belgian NSF (FNRS) Wavelet Contact Group at FUSAGx. Lecture about "Image Denoising using Non-Local Wavelet Bases".

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15.  Invited Talks in Research Group and Industries

  1. August 28, 2018: Invited in the Theory and Algorithms in Data Science (TADS) seminar organized by by H. Tyagi and M. Cucuringu in the Alan Turing Institute (London, UK). Giving a talk on "Time for dithering! Quantized random embeddings with RIP random matrices".
  2. May 29, 2018: Invited in the group of Sjoerd Dirksen and Holger Rauhut (RWTH, Aachen, Germany). Giving a seminar on "Quantized Compressive Sensing with RIP Matrices: The Benefit of Dithering".
  3. March 5-9, 2018: Invited by Simon Foucart for a short scientific stay at Texas A&M University, TX, USA. Giving a seminar on "Time for dithering! Quantized random embeddings with RIP random matrices" (slides here).
  4. October 4-7, 2016: Invited in the group of Remi Gribonval (IRISA/INRIA) for a seminar on "A simple gradient descent algorithm for blind gain calibration of randomized sensing devices" and participation to the PhD "soutenance" of Marwa Chaffi (CentraleSupélec, Rennes, France).
  5. November 17-20, 2015: Invited in the group of Remi Gribonval (IRISA/INRIA) for a seminar on "Consistent Basis Pursuit for Low-Complexity Signal Estimates in Quantized Compressed Sensing" and participation to the PhD "pré-soutenance" of Marwa Chaffi (CentraleSupélec, Rennes, France).
  6. May 17-20, 2015: Invited in the group of Riccardo Rovatti at UniBo, Bologna, Italy. Seminar on "Quantized compressed sensing and quasi-isometric embeddings" (pdf, url) and PhD jury participation for the thesis defense of V. Cambareri.
  7. January 27-29, 2015: Invited in the group of Holger Rauhut (RWTH, Aachen, Germany). Giving a seminar on "Compressed sensing, quantization and quasi-isometric embeddings".
  8. March 12, 2014: First presentation on "When Buffon’s needle problem helps in quantizing the Johnson-Lindenstrauss Lemma" made at the Machine Learning Group, UCL.
  9. November 21, 2012: Giving an invited seminar on "Compressed Sensing, Quantization and Applications" in Bell Labs Belgium (Alcatel-Lucent, Antwerp, Belgium).
  10. March 22, 2012: Invited by P. Chainais and P. Bas to give a talk on "What can we learn from the Compressed Sensing theory?" in LAGIS, Ecole Centrale de Lille, France.
  11. February 6-8, 2012: Invited as Master Project expert at EPFL by Pr P. Frossard for two works on "Geometric group sparsity in image analysis" by A. Fawzi and "Efficient Depth Based Image Rendering for Virtual Views Synthesis" by G. Chevtchenko. New presentation of "Robust 1-Bit Compressive Sensing: How the Sign of Random Projections Distinguishes Sparse Vectors".
  12. November 16, 2011: Invited presentation on "Robust 1-Bit Compressive Sensing: How the Sign of Random Projections Distinguishes Sparse Vectors" (Joint work with J. Laska, P. Boufounos, R. Baraniuk), at the Signal processing - machine learning seminars organized by the LATP and the Qarma team at LIF.
  13. October 18, 2011: Invited presentation on "Robust 1-Bit Compressive Sensing: How the Sign of Random Projections Distinguishes Sparse Vectors", at the Cesame Seminars in Systems and Control, UCL. Joint work with J. Laska, P. Boufounos, R. Baraniuk.
  14. November 23, 2010: Presentation at the Image Processing and Interpretation Group (TELIN, Universiteit Gent, Ghent, Belgium), invited by Prof. Aleksandra Pizurica and Dr Hiêp Quang Luon, about "Compressed Sensing: A Short Introduction and Some Quantization Aspects".
  15. May 11, 2010: Presentation at the Cesame Seminars (UCL) on "Dequantizing Compressed Sensing: When Oversampling and Non-Gaussian Constraints Combine".
  16. April 23, 2010: Invited presentation on Compressed Sensing given at ISBA, UCL.
  17. November 27,2009: Invited at SequeL, INRIA Lille-Nord Europe, in Rémi Munos Machine Learning group, for a presentation at the SequeL Group Meeting about "A Compressed Introduction to Compressed Sensing: Combining Sparsity and Sampling" (pdf).
  18. November 17,2009: Presentation at Machine Learning Group (MLG/UCL) about "A Compressed Introduction to Compressed Sensing: Combining Sparsity and Sampling" (pdf).
  19. 19/03/2008: LTS-MMM (EPFL) presentation about "Matching Pursuit : Parametrization Matters."
  20. 28/6/2007: Invited seminar on "A short introduction on Compressed Sensing" in SIDC/ROB

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16.  Visiting Researcher

  1. 2007 - 2009: Postdoctoral Visiting Researcher at the Signal Processing Laboratory (LTS2) of the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL). Research in Omnidirectional Vision, Sparse Signal Representations, and Compressed Sensing. Performed under the FRS-FNRS Belgian Funding, and with EPFL scholarship.
  2. Feb. 1st - Apr. 30th, 2007: Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of Rice University, Houston, Texas, USA. Collaboration with Prof. Richard Baraniuk in the Digital and Signal Processing Group (DSP). Research in Compressive Optical Imaging Systems, and Compressive Sensing of Manifolds. US Complementary Fundings (DARPA).

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17.  Conferences, Workshops, doctoral Schools Organization

  1. Organizing the Workshop on "Regularized Inverse Problem Solving and High-Dimensional Learning Methods", August 30th, 2017. Plenary speakers: G. Peyré (ENS, Paris, France) and U. Kamilov (WUSTL, USA).
  2. Organizing with Petros Boufounos the special session "SS-L10: Random Embeddings and Geometry-Preserving Dimensionality Reduction" at ICASSP'17, New Orleans, USA, March 7th, 2017.
  3. Member of the steering committee of the SPARS conference series.
  4. Member of the Scientific Organizing Committee for the 4th "iTWIST: international Traveling Workshop on Interactions between low-complexity data models and Sensing Techniques" (iTWIST'18) in Marseille, France (November 19-23, 2018).
  5. Member of the Scientific Organizing Committee for the 3rd "international Traveling Workshop for Interacting Sparse models and Technology" (iTWIST'16) in Aalborg, Denmark (August 24-26, 2016).
  6. March 7-18, 2016: SOCN doctoral course on "Compressive sensing of low-complexity signals: theory, algorithms and extensions". (Slides: Part 0, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4).
  7. Member of the Program Committee of "International Conference on Image and Signal Processing 2016" (ICISP'16, Trois-Rivières, Québec, Canada, May 30-June 1, 2016)
  8. Member of the Scientific Committee of the International Workshop on Compressed Sensing Theory and its Applications to Radar, Sonar and Remote Sensing (CoSeRa 2016), 19-22 September 2016, RWTH Aachen, Germany.
  9. Since 2015, Spokesman of the Graduate School on MUltimedia, SIlicon, Communications, Security: Electrical and Electronics Engineering, MUSICS, FNRS.
  10. Member of the Program Committee of "International Conference on Image and Signal Processing 2014" (ICISP'14, Cherbourg, Normandy, France, June 30 - July 2, 2014 )
  11. General chair the 2nd "international Traveling Workshop on Interactions between Sparse models and Technology" (iTWIST'14) in Namur, Belgium (August 27-29, 2014).
  12. Member of the Program Committee of "SPIE Photonics Europe 2014: Optics, Photonics and Digital Technologies for Multimedia Applications" (14-17 April 2014, Brussels, Belgium)
  13. Member of the Scientific Organizing Committee for the 1st "international Traveling Workshop for Interacting Sparse models and Technology" (iTWIST'12) in Marseille, France (May 9-11, 2012).
  14. Organization of a MUSICS doctoral school in UCL.
    Invitation of Prof. Jalal Fadili from the GREYC (ENSICAEN, Caen, France) for a lecture (3 times 1h30) on: "Exploring inverse problems with non-smooth optimization and sparse representations" (March 29, 2012).
  15. Member of the Program Committee of "SPIE Photonics Europe 2012: EPE114 - Optics, Photonics and Digital Technologies for Multimedia Applications" (16-20 April 2012, Brussels, Belgium)
  16. Member of the Program Committee of "International Conference on Image and Signal Processing 2012" (ICISP'12, Agadir, Morocco, June, 2012)
  17. Organization of a MUSICS doctoral school in UCL.
    Invitation of Prof. Gabriel Peyré (Cérémade, Univ. Paris-Dauphine, Paris) for two courses on:
    "Adaptive Geometric Representations" and "Adaptive Patch-based Representations" (March 21, 2011).
  18. Plenary Chair with Ann Dooms (VUB, Belgium) in the IEEE ICIP 2011 Committee (Brussels, Belgium)
  19. Organization of a MUSICS doctoral school on "Sparse Representation of Signals: Theory, Algorithms and Applications", with the invitation of Prof. Pierre Vandergheynst (EPFL, Switzerland). More information here (May 6-7, 2010).
  20. On the occasion of her Intl' Francqui Chair, invitation of Prof. Ingrid Daubechies (Princeton/USA) in UCL. She presented a talk on "Independent component analysis and functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging" (March 15, 2010).
  21. Co-organizer of the 20th GRETSI 2005 conference (Louvain-la-Neuve).

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18.  Awards, Prize

  1. 2019: Student best paper runner-up, awarded to W. Benjilali, W. Guicquero, G. Sicard, L. Jacques, for the paper entitled "An Analog-to-Information VGA Image Sensor Architecture for Support Vector Machine on Compressive Measurements" at the 2019 IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems.
  2. December 18th, 2017: 45th "de Boelpaepe" prize (2015-2016) by the Académie royale des sciences, des lettres et des beaux-arts de Belgique (Royal Academy of Science, Letters and Fine Arts of Belgium), given jointly to C. De Vleeschouwer and I for our scientific research on image processing with wavelet analysis and sparsity methods.
  3. 2009: Best paper award for the ICDSC Challenge Prize for "Sport Players Detection and Tracking With a Mixed Network of Planar and Omnidirectional Cameras", by A. Alahi, Y. Boursier, L. Jacques and P. Vandergheynst. Third ACM/IEEE International Conference on Distributed Smart Cameras (ICDSC 2009), 30 Aug. - 2 Sep., 2009, Como (Italy).

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19.  PhD Juries

  1. S. Huang, "Sparse Coding for the Analysis of High-Dimensional Data: Applications in Remote Sensing and Art Investigation", UGhent, 2019
  2. J. Maly, "Recovery Algorithms for Quantized Compressed Sensing", Technische Universität München, 2019
  3. J. Meyer, "Light Field Methods for the Visual Inspection of Transparent Objects", Karlsruher Institut für Technologie, 2018
  4. J.-F. Determe, "Greedy algorithms for multi-channel sparse recovery", ULB & UCL, 2018.
  5. G. Lenoir, "Time-frequency analysis of regularly and irregularly sampled time series: Projection and multitaper methods", UCL, 2017.
  6. M. Chaffi, "Étude d’une nouvelle forme d’onde multiporteuses à PAPR réduit", CentraleSupélec, Rennes, France, October 7th, 2016.
  7. C. Verleysen, "3-D estimation and view synthesis in wide-baseline stereo", ISPGroup, ICTEAM/ELEN, UCL, Belgium, November 2015.
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20.  Teaching

  1. Support for ELEC 2885 : Image processing and computer vision.
  2. Assistant at UCL during 5 years. Exercice class in general mathematics, general physics, signal processing, dynamical systems, numerical methods, ...

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