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Paul Van Dooren
Professor of Mathematical Engineering 
Catholic University of Louvain
ICTEAM: Department of Mathematical Engineering
Bâtiment Euler (A.202)
Avenue Georges Lemaitre 4
B-1348 Louvain-la-Neuve, BELGIUM
Phone:  +32 (10) 47.80.40
Fax :     +32 (10) 47.21.80
E-mail:  paul.vandooren at

Scientific Interests
Numerical Analysis, Scientific Computing, Systems and Control Theory

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PhD Students (past and current) 

Books and special issues

Journal papers (pdf-files)

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Conference papers (pdf-files)

Short notes and unpublished reports (pdf-files)

Graduate course on Numerical Linear Algebra for Systems and Control (2003) 

International Symposium on Mathematical Theory of Network and Systems (2004)  

Graduate Course on Iterative Methods for Large Scale Problems (2005)

Short Course on Graph Theory and Applications (2009)

Francqui Chair UA: Matrix Methods for Systems and Control (2010)

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