Renaud Ronsse Renaud Ronsse
Institute of Mechanics, Materials and Civil Engineering
Institute of Neuroscience
Louvain Bionics

Human-centered robotics

Research keywords
  • Lower-limb prostheses, rehabilitation robotics, human-robot interactions, biomechanics of swimming and flying, humanoid robotics, locomotion, motor control.
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Current lab members
  • Julien Guiaux-Brinon (PhD student, 2022-...): design and control of lower-limb prostheses
  • Louis Devillez (FNRS PhD student, 2021-...): design and control of lower-limb prostheses
  • François Heremans (FNRS PhD student, 2015-2019; Post-doc, 2020-...): energy efficient lower-limb prosthesis
  • Jeanne Evrard (PhD student, 2020-...): control and validation of lower-limb prostheses
  • Emile Moreau (PhD student, 2019-...): design of a robotic manipulator for biolocomotion - co-supervised with Philippe Chatelain
  • Virginie Otlet (PhD student, 2019-...): walking assistance of patients with Parkinson's disease
  • Henri Lolayaux (PhD student, 2018-...): walking assistance with adaptive primitives
  • Victor Collognesi (FRIA PhD student, 2017-2022; Post-doc, 2022-...): non-linear dynamics of flying birds / RevealFlight project - co-supervised with Philippe Chatelain
Former lab members