Nutrient lift upon permafrost thaw: sources and controlling processes (LIFTHAW), Belspo, IMPULS, 2023-2025

LIFTHAW aims to comprehensively assess the nutrient mobility response in permafrost regions undergoing thawing. It seeks to determine whether the newly available nutrients due to thawing primarily benefit deeply rooted plants or if the change in water table level acts as a nutrient lift. Additionally, the project aims to understand the impact of thaw depth variability on surface and subsurface water flows and subsequent lateral nutrient mobility. LIFTHAW will use geochemical tools to investigate nutrient sources for plant uptake, quantify the nutrient lift driven by water table changes, and detect changes in lateral nutrient transfer during permafrost degradation.

This project is funded by Belspo, IMPULS (2023-2025). Contact: Philippe Roux ( & Sophie Opfergelt (