Category Theory, Algebra and Geometry; Louvain-la-Neuve, 26-27 May 2011
The conference Category Theory, Algebra and Geometry will be held on Thursday the 26th and Friday the 27th of May 2011 in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium. This is a conference in occasion of Ross Street's being appointed the 2011 Chaire de la Vallée Poussin.

Invited speakers

Eugenia Cheng, University of Sheffield
Maria Manuel Clementino, Universidade de Coimbra
René Guitart, Université Paris 7 Denis Diderot
Kathryn Hess Bellwald, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
Peter Johnstone, University of Cambridge
André Joyal, Université du Québec à Montréal
Tom Leinster, University of Glasgow
Sandra Mantovani, Università degli Studi di Milano
Ieke Moerdijk, Universiteit Utrecht
Ross Street, Macquarie University
Isar Stubbe, Université du Littoral-Côte d'Opale


Accommodation: 31st of March 2011
Registration: 15th of April 2011


Francis Borceux, Louvain-la-Neuve
Marino Gran, Louvain-la-Neuve
Dominique Lambert, Namur
Tim Van der Linden, Louvain-la-Neuve
Enrico Vitale, Louvain-la-Neuve

Please write to any of us for further information.


Thursday the 26th of May 2011 Friday the 27th of May 2011
16:00 Street Mackey functors and classifying spaces
17:00 Coffee break
17:20 Clementino From Nachbin spaces to representable multicategories
18:05 Mantovani Profunctors in Mal'cev categories
18:50 Joyal Remarks on the homology of Eilenberg-MacLane spaces
19:35 End
20:00 Conference dinner
9:00 Street Monoidal category theory for manifold invariants
10:00 Johnstone What is a gros topos?
10:45 Coffee break
11:05 Hess Twisting structures
11:50 Cheng Distributive laws for Lawvere theories
12:35 Lunch
14:30 Guitart Borromean objects and trijunctions
15:15 Leinster Notions of Möbius inversion
16:00 Coffee break
16:20 Stubbe An elementary characterisation of quantaloids of closed cribles
17:05 Moerdijk Infinity categories and infinity operads
17:50 End


The town Louvain-la-Neuve, located in the Belgian province Brabant Wallon, is the main site of the Université catholique de Louvain. The conference will take place at the Institut de recherche en mathématique et physique in room CYCL01 of the Marc de Hemptinne building. Click here for a map.

Louvain-la-Neuve is easily reachable by car (via the E411) or by train from Brussels Airport (via Bruxelles/Ottignies/Louvain-la-Neuve Université; beware of trains to Leuven/Louvain: this is another town!)


Finding accommodation in Louvain-la-Neuve is very difficult, for the moment, since the only existing hotel is being renewed. We reserved a few rooms in two hotels in the nearby town Wavre and will help with transportation between these hotels and the conference venue on Thursday evening and on Friday morning. We negotiated special prices for conference participants:
At Home Hotel (alas, now fully booked on the night of the 26th):
73,00 euro, if you stay just one night, or
69,00 euro per night, if you stay two nights or more, and
Hotel Leonardo:
contact us for the price, which depends on the date; 15% reduction for conference participants.
In order to benefit from this offer, you have to let us know not later than March 31st. Rather than contacting the hotel yourself, please write to Tim Van der Linden who will take care of the booking.


Registration is mandatory and free. Please complete the registration form below and send it to Tim Van der Linden.

REGISTRATION FORM (please delete as appropriate)
I, __________________________________________, would like to attend the conference Category Theory, Algebra and Geometry.
My affiliation is _____________________________________ (University etc.).
I would like to ask the organisers to book a single/double room at At Home Hotel / Hotel Leonardo for the nights of _____________ May.
I would like to attend the dinner on Thursday / I would like to bring a guest / I will not be attending the dinner on Thursday.
I have the following special dietary requirements: _________________________________________________________


Name Affiliation
Benjamín Alarcón Heredia Universidad de Granada
Adriana Balan Universitatea Politehnica Bucureşti
Jean Bénabou Université Paris 13
Francis Borceux Université catholique de Louvain
Dominique Bourn Université du Littoral-Côte d'Opale, Calais
Stefaan Caenepeel Vrije Universiteit Brussel
María Calvo Cervera Universidad de Granada
Roland Cazalis Facultés Universitaires Notre-Dame de la Paix, Namur
Eugenia Cheng University of Sheffield
Dimitri Chikhladze Masarykova Univerzita
Maria Manuel Clementino Universidade de Coimbra
Bao Dang Van Université catholique de Louvain
Aurora del Rio Cabeza Universidad de Huelva
Corentin Drugmand Université catholique de Louvain
Mathieu Duckerts Université catholique de Louvain
Andrée Charles Ehresmann Université de Picardie, Amiens
Tomas Everaert Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Yves Félix Université catholique de Louvain
Hiro Funakoshi University of Cambridge
Julia Goedecke University of Cambridge
Marino Gran Université catholique de Louvain
Moritz Groth Universität Bonn
René Guitart Université Paris 7 Denis Diderot
Manfred Hartl Université de Valenciennes
Kathryn Hess Bellwald Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
Hans Heymans Universiteit Antwerpen
Peter Johnstone University of Cambridge
André Joyal Université du Québec à Montréal
Rudger Kieboom Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Achilleas Kryftis University of Cambridge
Dominique Lambert Facultés Universitaires Notre-Dame de la Paix, Namur
Raul Leal Rodriguez Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Tom Leinster University of Glasgow
Guilherme Frederico Lima de Carvalho e Silva University of Cambridge
Ignacio Lopez Franco University of Cambridge
John Mandereau Università di Pisa
Sandra Mantovani Università degli Studi di Milano
Nelson Martins-Ferreira Instituto Politécnico de Leiria
Paul-André Melliès Université Paris 7 Denis Diderot
Giuseppe Metere Università degli Studi di Milano
Nicolas Michel Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
Ieke Moerdijk Universiteit Utrecht
Andrea Montoli Universidade de Coimbra
Olivette Ngaha Université catholique de Louvain
Eduardo Pareja-Tobes Universidad de Granada
Linda Pizzamiglio Università degli Studi di Milano
Grigoris Protsonis University of Patras
Johnny Robert
Gavin Seal Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
Daniel Schaeppi University of Chicago
Mark Sioen Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Manuela Sobral Universidade de Coimbra
Lurdes Sousa Escola Superior de Tecnologia de Viseu
Alexandru Stanculescu Masarykova Univerzita
Lutz Straßburger Ecole Polytechnique, Saclay - Île-de-France
Ross Street Macquarie University
Isar Stubbe Université du Littoral-Côte d'Opale, Calais
Tim Van der Linden Université catholique de Louvain
Christina Vasilakopoulou University of Cambridge
Joost Vercruysse Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Karin Verelst Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Christine Vespa Université de Strasbourg
Enrico Vitale Université catholique de Louvain
Tamara von Glehn University of Cambridge
Qimh Xantcha Stockholms Universitet


Fonds de Recherche Scientifique - FNRS Université catholique de Louvain Facultés universitaires Notre-Dame de la Paix