Picture of myself

Vincent Schellekens
PhD student

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Curriculum Vitae

  • 2012-2015: Bachelors degree in engineering sciences (UCLouvain), options in electricity and mechanics, magna cum laude.
  • 2015-2017: Masters degree in electrical engineering (UCLouvain), option in signal processing, summa cum laude.
    Master thesis: "Compressive Clustering of High-Dimensional Datasets by 1-bit Sketching", with Laurent Jacques (download).
  • 2017-2021: PhD student (UCLouvain); Research Fellow at F.R.S.-FNRS (ASP - ASPIRANT FNRS).


I am funded by the Belgian "Fonds National de la Recherche Scientifique" (F.R.S.-FNRS), which granted me 4 years of research funding as "Aspirant FNRS", starting in October 2017.

I'm doing my PhD at UCLouvain (Université catholique de Louvain, the university in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium). More precisely, I am affiliated to the ICTEAM research institute, and within it, the Electrical Engineering department (ELEN). Finally, I am a member of the Image and Signal Processing Group (ISPGroup), active in UCLouvain.


One of my favorite PhD-related tasks is teaching students (and trying to make them as passionate as I am about signal processing). This year, I am teaching assistant at the EPL for the following courses:

During my studies, I also gave exercice sessions to younger students in a wide variety of subjects: Basic physics, Numerical Methods, Electronic circuits, Optimization, and Graphs.

Reviewing services

I'm occasionally reviewing for IEEE SPL, IEEE TSP, and IEEE SIPN.

Besides research...

I'm a curious and creative guy who likes a lot of things:

  • Drawing (especially comic strips).
  • Reading: both non-fiction (a lot of science-related stuff of course but also history, psychology, philosophy...) as well as fiction (mostly fantasy, SF and historical fiction).
  • Listening to (almost all styles of) music, especially indie and rock.
  • Playing music: I take piano lessons, and (try to) teach myself guitar and bass.
  • Making lists.
  • ...