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Vincent Schellekens
PhD student

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Welcome to my homepage! I am a PhD student at the Université catholique de Louvain (or UCLouvain for short) under the supervision of Laurent Jacques. I am affiliated to the Electrical Engineering department (ELEN) of the ICTEAM research institute. Find my complete cursus and more about me here.

My research focuses on Compressive Learning, a way to perform resource-efficient ("compressed") learning from very large datasets by combining signal processing tools (mostly from Compressed Sensing) with usual machine learning ideas (specifically, from kernel learning): you can learn more about it on my research page. Don't hesitate to also check out my list of publications and related code.

Latest news

  • [02/2021] Accepted papers: I will be spamming the Information and Inference journal with two accepted papers :-) "Compressive Learning with Privacy Guarantees" and "Breaking the waves: asymmetric random periodic features for low-bitrate kernel machines", soon to appear... stay tuned!
  • [08/2020] Invited talk: from the comfort of my office, titled "When compressive learning fails: blame the decoder or the sketch?", at the seminar series of the IDCOM Compressive Sensing group, Edinburgh.
  • [07/2020] Invited talk: I gave a (virtual) talk, "Introduction to Compressive Sensing", at the Institute of Neuroinformatics, University of Zurich and ETH Zurich.
  • [07/2020] Website update: I just added this "Latest news" section (well, you have to start somewhere).
  • [04/2020] Abstract accepted: our 2-page abstract " When compressive learning fails: blame the decoder or the sketch?" was accepted for presentation at iTWIST'20 (postoned due to COVID-19).