A podcast on Multipath TCP, the coolest protocol you’re already using but didn’t know

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to chat with Derick Winkworth and Brandon Heller for the seekingtruthinnetworking During this conversation, we first discussed about the evolution of Multipath TCP that they consider as one of the coolest networking protocols. We discussed some of the lessons learned while designing and deploying Multipath TCP and also the current use cases that it enables. Apple uses Multipath TCP to improve user experience with seamless handovers for applications like Siri, Apple Maps or Apple Music. In parallel, Tessares pioneered the deployment of hybrid access networks that use Multipath TCP to combine xDSL and cellular to provide faster Internet services in rural areas in several countries. The 0-rtt convert protocol designed for this use case has been adopted by 3GPP for the Access Traffic Steering, Switching & Splitting (ATSSS) functions that enables 5G devices to efficiently combine 5G with 5G. We also discussed our recent research results on pluginizing Internet protocols and the open-source Computer Networking : Principles,Protocols and Practice ebook.


You can listen to this podcast from https://seekingtruthinnetworking.com/podcast/episode-7-olivier-bonaventure/

It is also available on Apple podcasts and Spotify