X. Gonze, group leader. Full-time Professor at UCLouvain since 2004.

“Ingénieur civil physicien” in 1984, “Licence en physique” in 1985, PhD thesis in Applied Physics in May 1990, all at UCLouvain. Stay at Cornell University as visiting scientist (1990-1992). Chargé de recherche at the FRS-FNRS in 1992, then professor at UCLouvain 2004. One year stay at the Fritz-Haber Institute der Max-Planck Gesellshaft, Berlin Germany, in 1998-1999 (Humboldt research fellowship). Starting 2019, X. Gonze joined Skolkovo Institute of Technology (Moscow) as visiting professor.

Scientific output and bibliometry (January 2021): 233 publications in international journals, including Nature, Science, Advanced Materials, Nanoletters, Physical Review Letters… ; Scopus h-index 65, with over 21000 citations; Google scholar h-index=74, with over 28000 citations; 41 grants and research contracts; 124 personal invited oral communications in scientific meetings; 54 invited seminars in universities and research labs outside the host institutions.

Scientific merits recognized, among others, by election as fellow of the American Physical Society (2007), quinquennal prize of the FRS-FNRS in applied exact sciences, delivered by his majesty the king Albert II (2010),  and election at the Royal Academy of Belgium (2011).

PhD students

Julien Bouquiaux

Alexandre Cloots


Adam Fekete

Bogdan Guster

Maryam Azizi

Visiting student

Technical staff (ABINIT project)

Jean-Michel Beuken

Matteo Giantomassi

Former PhD Students (only the last 10 years)

Guillermo Avendano Franco

Paul Boulanger

Yannick Gillet

Matteo Giantomassi

Vishank Kumar

Anna Miglio

Samuel Poncé

Lisa Siciliani

Benoit Van Troeye

David Waroquiers

Former postdocs (only the last 10 years)

Bruno Bertrand

Fabiana Da Pieve

Matteo Giantomassi

Myrta Gruening

Geoffroy Hautier

Yongchao Jia

Jonathan Laflamme

Stéphane Le Roux

Anna Miglio

Riad Shaltaf

Martin Stankovski

David Waroquiers

Former Visiting scientists

Gabriel Antonius

Theo Cavignac