Vincent D. Blondel
    Professor of Applied Mathematics at Université catholique de Louvain
    Dean of the Louvain School of Engineering (École Polytechnique de Louvain)
    Candidat recteur de l'UCL pour 2014-2019. Visitez mon site

    Research affiliate (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
    Distinguished Visiting Professor (University of California at Santa Barbara)
    Member of the Namur Center for Complex Systems (University of Namur)
    Coordinator of the Belgian IAP research network DYSCO
    Belgian national coordinator of FuturICT

Department of Mathematical Engineering
Institute ICTEAM
Research group on large graphs and networks
Louvain School of Engineering
Université catholique de Louvain
Avenue Georges Lemaître 4, boîte L4.05.01, B-1348 Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium
Phone: +32 10 47 23 81, Assistant: +32 10 47 25 97, Fax: +32 10 47 21 80
E-mail: vincent.blondel(at)

Large Graphs Networks research group (November 2013)

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Interviews and opinions
Interview pour "La Recherche" sur le "Big Data" (Décembre 2013, en français)
Interview in "IEEE Control System Magazine" (December 2013, in English)
Intervention pour "Le Vif" sur les MOOCs (Septembre 2013, en français)
Opinion in "Technology Review" (May 2013, in English)
Portrait dans le magazine "Trends" et liens entre Belgique et MIT (Septembre 2011, en français)

08/2014: Keynote speaker on "Big Data" at the European Control Conference, Strasbourg, France.
05/2014: Keynote speaker at the International Conference on Research Challenges in Information Sciences, Marrakesh, Marocco.
11/2013: Speaker on "Development with the help of Information Technologies" at the European Development Days.
11/2013: L'UCL devient co-fondateur du portail Océan qui offre des MOOCs francophones ("flots" en français). Presse: RTBF, L'opinion, Educadis, Métro.
09/2013: The D4D book for is now available for download (beware it weights 125MB!): Mobile Phone Data for Development.
09/2013: Dean of Engineering, Louvain School of Engineering.
06/2013: Belgian representative at the EPFL MOOC summit in Lausanne.
05/2013: Chairman of the Data for Development challenge. Information: UN GlobalPulse, Orange submissions, Orange information, ArXiv paper. Press coverage: Cities, Tech Reviews.
06/2013: UCL joins the MOOC edX consortium. Welcome to LouvainX! Press coverage: Le Soir.
05/2013: NetMob 2013: The main conference on the Analysis of Mobile Phone Datasets (Medialab, MIT). The conference program is now available.
03/2012: Paper "Unique in the crowd" appears in Nature Scientific Report, featured on BBC, CNN, Wired, MIT News, The Huffington Post, The Telegraph, The Independent, De Standaard, RTBF, Spiegel, Die Welt.
06/2013: NetSci 2013 (Copenhagen, Denmark).
01/2013: Appointed Kokotociv Distinguished Visiting Professor at UCSB, Santa Barbara, California. (UCL News)
12/2012: Appointed IEEE Fellow for Contributions to computational analysis of systems and networks.
12/2012: Chia-Tche Chang's thesis defense on Heuristic optimization methods for three matrix problems.
11/2012: WIDS 2012: Second edition of Information and Decision in Social Networks at MIT.
08/2012: First release of Geofast.
07/2012: Hosting MIT interns in Louvain-la-Neuve (UCL News).
05/2012: Launch of DYSCO 2012-2017.
03/2012: Invited talk at the Institute for Mathematics and its Applications (USA), Workshop on Machine Learning.
03/2012: Gautier Kring's thesis defense on Extraction of information from large networks.
02/2012: Organizer at the Mathematisches Institut Oberwolfach (Germany), Workshop on Complex Networked Systems.
02/2012: Associate editor of a newly established journal on Data Science.
01/2012: The "Louvain method" developped in our group is now used by  for running InMaps.
12/2011: Commitee member for the Nokia Mobile Data challenge.
11/2011: Launch of the Belgian Internship Program for MIT students.
10/2011: Analysis of Mobile Phone Datasets and Networks, NetMob2011, Media Lab at MIT.
08/2011: National representative for the Belgian participation in the European FuturICT project (FuturICT Belgium).
07/2011: Interdisciplinary Workshop on Information and Decision in Social Networks WIDS, MIT.
06/2011: Launch of the Seed Fund between UCL and MIT (UCL news and a report in the press).