Contacts with the press

I preferably initiate contacts with the press by e-mail. Please indicate your question(s), time constraints and editorial constraints. This will allow me to evaluate the need of complementary research and my ability to respond within the given deadline. Note that in general, I find that written answers are the best way to convey accurate information, and therefore are the best starting point for any interview/discussion. In this respect, knowing editorial constraints usually helps me to format/prepare my answers in order to try being informative to a wider audience. Based on this information, I always try to (1) rapidly let you know whether I can provide an answer by the given deadline, (2) propose a first (written) answer by e-mail and (3) plan an oral interview if it can help to clarify and broaden the answers. Unless exceptions, I do not give instantaneous interviews.

My domains of expertise are cryptography, information security, computer security, and privacy. More precisely, my research mostly deals with cryptographic hardware and embedded systems.