Adding bibliographic information to pdf files

Researchers often distribute pdf files of their articles on their homepages or through institutional repositories like DIAL. Researchers are encouraged to distribute their scientific papers electronically and measurements have shown that distributing papers online improves the impact of the papers. Still, there is often one important information which is missing when a paper is posted on a website : the precise bibliography information which is needed to cite the paper. Without this bibliographic information, readers of a paper my print or save it without knowing where it has been published and are more likely to ignore it when preparing the bibliography of their own papers.

A better approach is to add directly the bibliographic information inside the pdf file. This is what the default ACM Latex style provides for accepted papers. For the SIGCOMM ebook on Recent Advances in Networking, we opted for a simple note on each paper.

This copyright box was written by using the texpos latex packages. We use it to define the copyrightstatement macro that provides the box to be placed at the bottom of the first page


%set unit to be pagewidth and height, and increase inner margin of box

%define \copyrightstatement command for easier use
   \begin{textblock}{0.65}(0.17,0.9)    % tweak here: {box width}(hposition, vposition)
        C. Raiciu, J. Iyengar, O. Bonaventure, ``Recent Advances in Reliable Transport Protocols'', in H. Haddadi, O. Bonaventure (Eds.), \href{\ebookurl}{\emph{Recent
        Advances in Networking}}, (2013), pp. 59-106. Licensed under a
        Creative Commons license.

Then, we simply call \copyrightstatement inside the main document



The actual paper looks as shown below and each distributed/printed pdf file contains automatically the bibliographic information which is required to cite it correctly.