Concrete steps to improve the reproducibility of networking research

Schloss Dagstuhl – Leibniz Center for Informatics is a well-known and important place for Computer Science. Since 1990, it is a meeting place for Computer Science researchers who spent a few days or a week discussing about interesting research issues in a small castle in South Germany. Dagstuhl is well-known for the high quality of its seminars.

Last week, together with kc Claffy, Daniel Karrenberg and Vaibhav Bajpai, I had the pleasure to organise a Dagstuhl seminar on Encouraging Reproducibility in Scientific Research of the Internet. As many fields of Science, networking research has some reproducibility issues. During the seminar, the thirty participants discussed on several very concrete steps to improve the reproducibility of networking research. This is a long-term objective that the community needs to tackle step by step to achieve a sustainable solution.


Several very excellent ideas where discussed during the seminar and some of them will materialise in the coming months. The first one is a review form for research artifacts that will be used for the evaluation of the artifacts of SIGCOMM-sponsored conferences in the coming weeks. It will probably be followed by a set of guidelines to help young researchers to carry out reproducible research and other more long-term ideas.