WARNING. Since 2015, I am no longer maintaining this list of publications.

A list of my papers can be found on Google Scholar (270 references, h-index 58, 24000 citations). Some of my publications are available from arXiv.

My Erdös number is 2 (with a proof) and here is my academic genealogy (from the Mathematics Genealogy Project).

Books and edited books

  1. Vincent D. Blondel, Stephen P. Boyd, Hidenori Kimura (Eds.), Recent Advances in Learning and Control, Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences, Springer Verlag, London, 2008.
  2. Vincent D. Blondel, A. Megretski, Unsolved problems in Mathematical Systems and Control Theory, Princeton University Press, 2004.
  3. B. De Moor, B. Motmans, J. Willems, P. Van Dooren, V. Blondel (Eds.), Proceedings of the International Symposium on Mathematical Theory of Networks and Systems, Leuven, July 2004.
  4. Vincent D. Blondel, Mathématiques pour les Sciences, Dunod Masson, Paris, 2000.
  5. Vincent D. Blondel, E. D. Sontag, M. Vidyasagar and J.C. Willems, Open Problems in Mathematical Systems and Control Theory, Springer Verlag, Heidelberg, 1999.
  6. Vincent D. Blondel, Simultaneous stabilization of linear systems, Springer Verlag, Heidelberg, 1994.

Journal papers, chapters in books and lecture notes




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