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My research is mainly concerned with social cognition, attribution, stereotyping, and intergroup relations. After my early work on the Black Sheep effect and the Ingroup Overexclusion effect, I mainly developed an interest in stereotyping and more specifically in the formation and preservation of stereotypes as well as their suppression. The basic idea is that people rely on stereotypes not only for cognitive reasons (they face limited resources) but also for motivational reasons (their stereotypes serve their own as well as their group’s image) and social reasons (they believe their stereotypes are shared by their group members). For many years, I studied group perception by examining aspects of homogeneity, entitativity, and essentialism. More recently, I turned to the issue of fundamental dimensions of social perception in the context of what I call the compensation pattern of stereotypes: people who are perceived to be competent also tend to be perceived as not so warm and conversely. Together with several colleagues, I also initiated a program of research on social emotions in which we investigate whether, how, and why people experience emotions not because of events that occur to them personally, but because of events that affect members of groups to which they belong. Another interest of mine is statistics and methods. The research conducted so far focuses on the use of ANCOVA in personality and social research and issues of moderated mediation and mediated moderation.


Véritable panorama de la psychologie sociale et de ses approches européennes et anglo-saxonnes. Tout en couleurs, avec un appareil pédagogique riche.

La psychologie sociale

Yzerbyt, V. & Klein, O. (2019).

De Boeck, Louvain-la-Neuve.

20191209 Psychologie sociale couverture

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Pour une présentation complète et succincte des travaux sur les relations intergroupes, stéréotypes et autres préjugés…

Les relations intergroupes

Yzerbyt, V. & Demoulin, S. (2019).

Presses Universitaires de Grenoble, Grenoble.

Relations intergroupes

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Pour une approche à la fois moderne et aisée en statistique en sciences humaines et sociales, plongez-vous dans…

L’analyse des données : Une approche par comparaison de modèles.

Judd, C. M., McClelland, G. H., Ryan, C. R., Muller, D., & Yzerbyt, V. (2018).

De Boeck, Bruxelles.

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Pour un tour d’horizon complet en matière de stéréotypes et autres a priori sur tout un chacun, précipitez-vous sur …

Psychologie des préjugés et de la discrimination.

Whitley, B & Kite, M (2013)

(traduit par T. Arciszewski sous la supervision scientifique de V. Yzerbyt et S. Demoulin)

De Boeck, Bruxelles.


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Biographical Information


  • Born April 15, 1961 at Kortrijk, Belgium
  • Belgian nationality


Professional Address



Scientific Awards


  • 2017, Jean-Paul Codol Award de la European Association of Experimental Social Psychology (EASP)
  • 2011, Fellow of the Society of Personality and Social Psychology (USA)
  • 2008, Kurt Lewin Award of the European Association of Social Psychology (EASP)
  • 2008, Fellow of the Association for Psychological Science (USA)
  • 2007, Career Trajectory Award of the Society of Experimental Social Psychology (USA)
  • 2005-2006, Francqui Chair of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Francqui Foundation
  • 1996, Membership of Society of Experimental Social Psychology (USA)
  • 1994, Five-yearly National Award for Early Career in Psychology, Belgian University Foundation
  • 1984, Fulbright Fellow - Commission for Educational Exchange - USIA grant IA-AEGH-G6192688



Research Interests


  • Stereotyping and intergroup relations
    • Emotions in the context of intergroup relations: collective, intergroup, and group-based emotions
    • Essentialism and entitativity in group perception
    • Stereotype change and stereotype suppression
    • Black Sheep Effect and Ingroup Overexclusion
  • Attribution
    • Fundamental attribution error and dispositional suppression
    • Pragmatic aspects of the overattribution bias
    • Social attribution
  • Data Analysis
    • Analysis of Covariance, ANCOVA
    • Mediation, Moderated Mediation, Mediated Moderation




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