François Glineur


François Glineur  Full professor at UCLouvain Université catholique de Louvain (UCLouvain), EPL Ecole Polytechnique de Louvain (EPL)

Member of the ICTEAM Institute of Information and Communication Technologies, Electronics and Applied Mathematics (ICTEAM), Mathematical engineering division (INMA).
Member of the CORE Center for Operations Research and Econometrics (CORE)

UCLouvain / ICTM / INMA
Avenue Georges Lemaître, 4 bte L4.05.01
B-1348 Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium
Euler building new!, office a124 (first floor) ; directions ; map phone+32 10 47 81 64 (email preferred)

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Keywords cloud Francois Glineur research 

Research interests

Convex optimization

  • algorithms (first-order methods and interior-point methods),
  • modelling (approximations, extended formulations) and duality,
  • applications of optimization in general.

Nonnegative matrix factorization

  • algorithms and complexity,
  • nonnegative rank and applications,
  • numerical linear algebra in general.

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An up to date list of publications can be found on Google Scholar or on the UCLouvain institutional repository. Some recent preprints can be found on arXiv.Erdös #.

Research group

Research teams of Pierre-Antoine Absil and François Glineur
Research group in 2021 (picture with P.-A. Absil's group -- from left to right: Teodor, Yassine, Hazan, Nizar, Pierre-Antoine, Guillaume O, François, Cécile, Simon, Philémon, Valentin, Guillaume VD, Loïc)

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Link to my previous web page which contains links to some course materials and slides for some old talks ...