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Pierre DEHEZ

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Domains: Game Theory (ccoperative), General Equilibrium Theory

This page contains documents concerning myself as well as documents and information I am happy to share.

As far as TU-games are concerned, I strongly recommend the page TUGlabWeb that covers 3 and 4-person games, and more. It is based on the work of Miguel Ángel Mirás Calvo and Estela Sánchez Rodríguez from the University of Vigo. Fantastic!

Alternatively, Holger Meinhardt from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology has developed a complete package covering cooperative games using Matlab and Mathematica. It's very efficient and can accomodate up to 16 players ! For more information:

Here is a book of introduction to Game Theory, first published in French. It is based on courses addressed to
undergraduate students in social sciences at UCLouvain. It has been translated into Italian and much improved by my former student and friend Pier Mario Pacini, Professor at the University of Pisa. An English version is now available and will be published hopefully soon.

Théorie des jeux
Conflit, négociation, coopération et pouvoir

Pierre DEHEZ

Economica, 2017

ISBN 9782717869811

Corrigendum !

Conflitto, contrattazione, cooperazione e potere
Introduzione alla teoria dei giochi

Pierre DEHEZ (Autore)
Pier Mario PACINI (Curatore)

Giappichelli, 2021

ISBN 9788892138520