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Institute of Condensed Matter and Nanosciences

The Robiette Research Group

Research in Organic and Physical Organic Chemistry

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At present, the group is composed of the following people:

    Raphaël Robiette (group leader)
    Arnaud Delbrassinne (PhD student since September 2018)
    Charles Dumont de Chassart  (Undergraduate student, also working with M.Singleton)
    Julien Feytens  (Undergraduate student)
    Ugo Gilbert  (PhD student since 2021, also working with M. Singleton)
    Julien Janssens (PhD student since September 2020)
    Axel Morelle (PhD student since September 2018)
    Julinda Peposhi  (Undergraduate student)
    Boris Junior Takam Mba (PhD student since January 2022)
    Thomas Vanhosmael (PhD student since September 2022)
    Stéphanie Wautier (Technician, also working with B. Elias and L. Troian-Gautier)
    Audrey Dejean (Secretary)

Former group members:

Madeline De Roose (Undergraduate student) 2022
Maxence Remy (Technician) 2020-2022
Simon Degueldre (Undergraduate student) 2021
Lei Hu (PhD student) 2017-2020
Juhans Dechenne (Undergraduate student) 2019-2020
Julien Feytens (Bachelor student) 2020
Julien Caillé (Postdoc) 2019-2020
Judith Fauntes (Internship) 2019-2020
Maximilien Richald (PhD student) 2015-2019
Ousam Abdallah (Bachelor student) 2019
Sébastien Clergue (PhD student) 2014-2019
Romain De Ridder (Bachelor student) 2018
Soumia El Aakchioui (Technician) 2015-2017
Guillaume Dassy (Bachelor student) 2017
Joséphine Caruano (PhD student) 2012-2017
Julie Santacreu (Bachelor student) 2017
Trieu Van-Tran (Technician) 2009-2017
Chantal Delaet (Secretary) 2005-2016
Laura Decourrière (Undergraduate student) 2015-2016
Olivier Rousseau (PhD student) 2011-2016
Marine Lefevre (Bachelor student) 2015
Martin Poncelet (Industrial associate) 2009-2015
Sabrina Devouge (Technician) 2009-2015
Joséphine Ntumba (PhD student, CUD) 2012-2015
Olivia Vander Auwera (Undergraduate student) 2014-2015
Christophe Legrelle (Bachelor student) 2015
Geoffroy Dequirez (Postdoc) 2013-2015
Arnaud Delbrassine (Bachelor student) 2014
Alexandre Begasse (Bachelor student) 2013
Emilie Van Den Berge (PhD student) 2009-2013
Emilie Vercruysse (Undergraduate student) 2012-2013
Agathe Denys (Bachelor student) 2012
Zahra Ait Ramdane (Undergraduate student) 2012
Thierry Delaunay (Postdoc) 2011-2012
Marie Stalens (Bachelor student) 2011
Touatia Brih (Undergraduate student) 2011
Santiago Lopez (Bachelor student) 2011
Céline Joie (Undergraduate student) 2010
Ikram Azzouz (Bachelor student) 2010
Prosper Nshimyumukiza (Postdoc) 2007-2009
Amélie Lust (Bachelor student) 2008
Bruno Delest (Postdoc) 2006-2007
Olivier Fasbender (Bachelor student) 2007

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