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Institute of Condensed Matter and Nanosciences

The Robiette Research Group

Research in Organic and Physical Organic Chemistry


Our research aims at the development of new strategies in organic synthesis, and the application of these methods to the synthesis of compounds with biological or physical interests. Crucial to the success of these new transformations and methodologies is the detailed understanding of the different elementary processes involved. We thus combine computational and experimental methods to understand and predict chemical behavior (reactivity, selectivity, mechanism, ...), with the knowledge gained from these studies being used as a tool to guide our work in synthesis.

Thus, our interests go from applied chemistry, medicinal chemistry, to fundamental research, physical organic studies, going by the development of new methodologies. As a result, all our research subjects deal with organic synthesis but place it in the center of multidisciplinary projects, with several existing collaborations. Click on the links below to learn more on our work in these different areas.

Medicinal Chemistry

New methodologies

Physical Organic Studies

If you are interested in one of these projects, and you are looking for a position as a PhD student or as a postdoctoral fellow, please get in touch with me to see what opportunities are currently available.
If you just want to learn more about our research, you can look at the list of our publications, or you can contact me.

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