INFO-0940 Operating Systems

This page will be updated with informations about the course practical sessions. For the theoretical course go to . Laurent Mathy provides his slides (and the exams questions) on myULg.

Two students per group. Registration is done on the submission platform.

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Most of the comments related to last year’s project still apply !

Last years comments :

Where to do your tests when compiling a kernel?

  • Compile on your linux machine, do your test in a virtual machine :
    The best is probably to install linux (ubuntu is the easiest) on your machine, and use the VM provided to do your tests on this machine. This is the configuration proposed on the slides.
  • Compile on a virtual machine, do your test in another one :
    It’s very difficult to compile the linux kernel on Windows or Mac OS (but can be done with cross-compiling, google it). You may simply use one virtual machine with for example, ubuntu installed with multiple cores, a lot of ram and disk space to compile the kernel and develop on it, and use another virtual machine with one core and the image provided to run the compiled kernel.
  • Compile on ms801 .. ms820, and do your test in a virtual machine on your computer or on those machines : The students following this course are granted access to (Linux) lab machines ms801 .. ms820 with virtual box pre-installed. You can generate a login/password on the student of montefiore website. Marc Frédéric is in charge of this lab and may be able to help you if you’re stuck.

Meeting / help

Don’t want to bother me? You’re in the right mood ! Try the course discussion page on the submission platform !

You can come to my office after making an appointment sending me an e-mail to I’m usually not there thursday AM, don’t try. If you’re feeling lucky, you can come without an appointment. Monday AM is not a good idea either 😉

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