Update about Step 6

I updated the Step #6 with more specifications as I received quite a lot of questions. Mostly :

  • The buffers are indeed per-device, so if we have two open()+ioctl()+read() sequences about two different device, each read() will give packets from the device previously set by the ioctl() but not randomly from any of the devices.
  • I add the “user” constraint that only ioctl about the same devices can be given to one file descriptor. Each open operation create one new and independent file descriptor. You can think as /dev/fastnet as an “entry point”, but each open() give in fact a very different file, where the content of read() will depend on the previous ioctls.

You can use the private_data structure of the file* filp to remember things like the device passed to the ioctl in the read.

If you have already gone in a too different direction because you misunderstood something (or I wasn’t clear enough…) and don’t want to go back, contact me.