Using a thread to do the swapping in assignment #2 is now a bonus

As a lot of the INFO-0940 students seems to have trouble for this part and struggle with time, you can do the swapping of chunks in the indirection table directly inside make_request. Doing it in another thread will be considered as a bonus.

More than the bonus, it will be needed for assignment #3, so doing it in a separated thread is not loosing time, on the contrary… But focus on sysfs entries and having a working indirection table first ! (and a working raid module, of course…)

About sysfs entries, I added this post :

There will be no delay for the assignment #2. Remember that this time you have to use the RUN submission platform ( to send your project and that you can submit any number of times until the deadline. A script will automatically run to tell you if your archive was good (patch, …). If it wasn’t you project will not be considered for correction… Better being late than get a zero !