Wanscam IP Camera Update

As IP Camera are cheaper than real alarm, I decided to buy a cheap IP Camera like ones you see for 50€ when typing “ip camera” on amazon :

(Re)brand : Wanscam
Model : FR4020A2
Original system firmware  :
Original WEB UI :


It can detect movement, move horizontally and vertically by a web interface, send mail, send image on ftp, etc etc…

But the reference nearly doesn’t exist, and finding a newer firmware is nearly impossible. But this camera looks a lot like a lot of others, including Foscam. So I decided to find a newer firmware for similar webcams. I found that the firmware for mine was named lr_cmos_0_X_Y_Z.bin, and I searched for newer version. I finaly came acrosse this page : http://www.dericam.com/bbs/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=85 where a link to a firmware for the Dericam M801W is given containing a file named “lr_cmos_0_41_2_51.bin”, I decided to flash it and… It works ! It doesn’t seem that there exist any newer firmware…

About the web ui firmware, I searched for a firmware in the web coming with the system firmware around 41.2.51, and I came accross http://www.openipcam.com/forum/index.php/topic,128.0.html#msg1956 . The web ui firmware number is smaller but  clearly, the interface is newer… It comes with something we can call a “design”, far away from the horrible original nearly “text only” interface.

So my final versions are :

  Device Firmware Version
  Device Embeded Web UI Version

You can download the files here : lr_cmos_0_41_2_51 (flash the lr_cmos first!) and WEB UI The video quality is really better ! Wifi is working, etc…

The update process doesn’t lost configuration or passwords !


A little tips working with all of theses ip camera, create some favorites to directly set or unset alarm :

Set alarm to send by ftp and by mail :

Set alarm to send by ftp only  :

Unset alarm :

Don’t forget to change your ip adress/port of course… You can change the “motion_sensitivity=5” to another value according to your environment…