Wanscam IP Camera Update

As IP Camera are cheaper than real alarm, I decided to buy a cheap IP Camera like ones you see for 50€ when typing “ip camera” on amazon :

(Re)brand : Wanscam
Model : FR4020A2
Original system firmware  :
Original WEB UI :


It can detect movement, move horizontally and vertically by a web interface, send mail, send image on ftp, etc etc…

But the reference nearly doesn’t exist, and finding a newer firmware is nearly impossible. But this camera looks a lot like a lot of others, including Foscam. So I decided to find a newer firmware for similar webcams. I found that the firmware for mine was named lr_cmos_0_X_Y_Z.bin, and I searched for newer version. I finaly came acrosse this page : http://www.dericam.com/bbs/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=85 where a link to a firmware for the Dericam M801W is given containing a file named “lr_cmos_0_41_2_51.bin”, I decided to flash it and… It works ! It doesn’t seem that there exist any newer firmware…

About the web ui firmware, I searched for a firmware in the web coming with the system firmware around 41.2.51, and I came accross http://www.openipcam.com/forum/index.php/topic,128.0.html#msg1956 . The web ui firmware number is smaller but  clearly, the interface is newer… It comes with something we can call a “design”, far away from the horrible original nearly “text only” interface.

So my final versions are :

  Device Firmware Version
  Device Embeded Web UI Version

You can download the files here : lr_cmos_0_41_2_51 (flash the lr_cmos first!) and WEB UI The video quality is really better ! Wifi is working, etc…

The update process doesn’t lost configuration or passwords !


A little tips working with all of theses ip camera, create some favorites to directly set or unset alarm :

Set alarm to send by ftp and by mail :

Set alarm to send by ftp only  :

Unset alarm :

Don’t forget to change your ip adress/port of course… You can change the “motion_sensitivity=5” to another value according to your environment…

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  1. You made my day!
    I was searching for a new Firmware for months. I missed “Go Preset on boot” in the PTZ Settings.
    I do not understand Wanscam: the device is not listet at their webite.

    1. Yep, I didn’t understand either why this product appear nowhere… And I discovered with joy “Go preset on boot” too. Especially that it’s doing a stupid little round at startup ^^

  2. Thanks alot Tom!

    was having problems with the night vision but after the update all great!
    Web interface also much nicer.

    greets from Amsterdam……..

    1. hello my friend.
      i have also this model of cameras.
      i dont have a clear image,mostly is purple and i cant do anything with settings.
      will this update help me?
      did you see more quality after update?
      all settings are working after this update?

      1. Hi, I had more features with this update (like PTZ at boot), and it seems I gained some overall speed. But the purple color is due to a lack of brightness, I have it too and the only solution is to buy a not-so-cheap camera…

        1. There was not any new feature and I’d say it was more unstable, I came back to the one I posted… But not totally sure that firmware was the problem.

  3. I tried the newer web interface. You need to use windows with activex for it to work properly. I don’t use windows so I am looking to where I can download the orginal web ui so I can get back into the configuration without having to run a windows vm.

    1. Is it the same model than me? Which one did you try? The file I gave or the one from Alex in the comments?

  4. This might seem like a silly question, but I am an absolute novice. How do I flash the lr_cmos? I tried to upgrade the firmware and the UI, but with no luck. Any help would be appreciated. (BTW – I have the exact same camera as on the picture above, no branding)

    1. Hi,

      You just have to connect to the camera through the web interface, and go in the “Update firmware page”. You will be able to provide two files. Do it in the order explained in the post, not both at once.

  5. is the original firmware available would like to downgrade back as my audio is not working now.


  6. You should use the Wanscam Firmware and not some 3rd party firmware from another manufacturer. If you go to Wanscam.com Link: (http://www.wanscam.com/xiazai/) there are 2 files. To the right of the “SDK-API reading” heading, the 2 files are marked/highlighted in RED. They are both .zip files and contain sources to update your Firmware from the manufacturer….. Hope this helps….!

    1. Great ! Never found their website, I think it was done for a very long time. Anyway building the firmware can be complicated for most people, and it doesn’t guarantee that it’s up to date. There seems to have a builded version of the base firmware (but very old?) but I can’t find the one for the UI…
      I’ll update my post with my future findings.

  7. i`m batlling with my FR4020A2 …. want to downgrade to original firmware (cant use wifi anymore) and i keep getting checksum error 🙁

  8. Firmware upgrades per Tom are working flawlessly. Does anyone have a recommendation for recording the video on a PC or NAS?

  9. Hi,

    Where can I get the or as I lost the ability to hear sound and speak through a mic to the camera.

  10. Foscam FI8910 firmware files shown below work well on my Wanscam JW-series camera:
    System firmware lr_cmos_11_22_2_51.bin
    Web UI

  11. Hey guys,

    I hope you can help me: I bought a cheap camera on Amazon and by the looks of it, it seems to be a Wanscam but with no branding at all.
    The current firmware version is:
    The Web UI version is:

    I have tried all firmware versions posted in the comments but none of them actually updated my camera.
    The files are being uploaded, the camera reboots but the firmware versions remain the same.

    The Wanscam support wasn’t much of a help.

    The camera still works but I am trying to connect it to my Synology DiskStation and the paning and tilting doesn’t work.

    Thanks for your help.

  12. Hi,
    I try on my Wanscam, keith System firmware Ir_cmos_11_22_2_51.bin and web UI
    After this the Wi-Fi of my camera stop working and if I try any other system firmware always I take the message error: error checksum.

  13. Personal hello, I have a Wanscam TR4020A2 with firmware versions and web UI, though username and password posted on the label does not correspond to validation within the DNS topipcam.org … and I can not create a user / senhae email on the site to remotely access the images .. someone with the same problem who can help me? Hugs in tds.

  14. Hello, I have the same problem as Dominik.
    No branding.
    The current firmware version is:
    The Web UI version is:

    I don’t manage to get Email alert.
    the message erreur always is unable to connect to server…

  15. Dear Tom,
    Accidentally I found your blog and decided to write here about problem I have with similar device ESCAM QF001.
    PTZ functionality failed and I approached ESCAM team. They suggested updating the firmware and now camera in not functioning.
    Do you had experience with such or similar problem in the past and if yes, could you help me resolving the problem?
    Thank you

    You can reply also via e-mail.

  16. Hello
    i have a WIFICAM with similar with no branding.
    It works correctly but i wish to save the image with the same name. Actually the filename is différent with the date and time ident. thus a lot of files are on my server. Is it possible to do this ?
    If i flash the firmware, and if a problem appears, how to get original ?

  17. Hello, I hope this thread is still active. I have the Wanscam Model: FR4020A2. I would like to find the original firmware if possible. I updated the firmware a few years ago with a bin file I manage to acquire thru Wanscam support, but the GUI update reversed the camera direction in regards to the arrow directions and it was very difficult to get it to move to the right. Like an idiot I never thought to back up any previous versions of the firmware. I’ve tried a few of the zip files available thru this thread and I was able to get a version that the camera will now pan only it’s very slow. Adjusting the PTZ settings has no effect. The GUI bin that updated the interface, didn’t work for me at all. I couldn’t pan at all. I was able to revert back to the old interface so now the camera pans but very slowly. My current firmware versions are as follows:
    Embedded Web UI

    Can anyone recommend a firmware version that will restore the old panning speed??

  18. Many thanks for sharing Device Firmware Version & Device Embeded Web UI Version They did enhanced my good old Wanscam AJ-C2WA-C198 ! Is there a way Internet Explorer may store my login & passw. once for all?
    Many thanks again.

  19. Hi Tom
    I ask you help edit change DDNS in firmware and UI browser
    Many china camera has no user Interface to change the embedded fixed paid by subscription DDNS servers in the USA.. I wish to use a DDNS outside the USA and want to Hex Edit or Dissassemble the IP camera firmware and UI web to reflect display a FREE user selected DDNS choice selection

  20. dag Tom ik zie dat je specialist bent in ipc camera

    ik heb 2 skytronic (wanscam jw0005 )cameras
    met webui en systeemfirmware
    Device Firmware Version
    Device Embeded Web UI Version
    Alias zwart252
    Device ID JWEV-353893-CCEEF

    ddns passwoord 348004

    is er de mogelijkheid om de firmware van de camera te verkrijgen zowel web ui als system

    Device Firmware Version
    Device Embeded Web UI Version
    Alias zwart252
    Device ID JWEV-353893-CCEEF

    ddns passwoord 348004
    ik vind nergens die webui ensysteemfirmware

  21. de tweede camera ook skytronic
    Device Embeded Web UI Version
    Alias zwart54
    Device ID JWEV-365058-BBFFD
    soms lopen ze door elkaar

  22. Hi,
    I’ve 2 camera HW0049 but not same firmware
    video max resolution is 640x480px on Firefox (but works with IE)
    Device Firmware Version T11.
    Device Embeded Web UI Version

    I’ve another Wanscam HW0049 with another firmware (better) and max video resolution is 1280x720px with Firefox.
    Software Version:V7.
    Webware Version:E-21.0.720.21

    Where can we find firmware for wanscam HW0049? or compatible firmware ?

  23. Hi,
    you think there is an update for my camera as well?
    Currently installed firmware:
    Web UI version:

    how to update?
    It’s a Wanscam model JW0004 (not sure about the model but looks quite like it)

  24. Hi,
    I have unbranded camera on the ceiling, its unbranded, but it’s most likely a Wanscam model JW0004 (not sure though).

    It has following installed:
    Web UI version:

    Do anyone know of any more recent firmware/ UI versions for this camera available?
    If so, where to find them?


  25. My simple WanScan turned off Wi-Fi. I can’t connect it anymore, only by cable.
    The software shows that “wi-fi is off”.
    Does anyone have any idea what this could be?
    I have already contacted support, but I still haven’t had a response.

  26. Can you change my firm was .. it worked, and the best thing that didn’t lose any configuration but needed a p2p cloud function to come, do you know any firm that you have? this is very good, it worked, but it does not have the p2p cloud, because my internet does not release external ports anymore .. and I lost the remote access … thanks Abraço do Brasil

  27. thanks for the info provided, helped to get a new ui and better firm.. that’s all we can do with this oem-like cams…!

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