About me

  • Faculty member of the ICTEAM Institute, at UCLouvain.

  • Chair of the Applied Mathematics department.

  • Head of the Applied Mathematics diploma at UCLouvain.

  • Member of the Board of Governors of the IEEE Control Systems Society.

I am Head of the Cyber-Physical Systems lab @ ICTEAM, UCL. Our research takes place in the broad field of algorithms and optimization for systems and control. More specifically, we are interested in hybrid and complex systems, and data-driven and symbolic control approaches to tame these systems. Our research is currently supported by the European Research Council, the F.S.R.-FNRS, and by the French Community of Belgium.



  • I'm hiring: if you're interested in a PhD or a postdoc, send me an email. (I'm looking for backgrounds both in theoretical Control/Computer Science, but also in algorithms implementation)
  • Projects:
    • ERC project L2C: Learning to Control
    • SIDDARTA: Sustainability in Data-Driven control, a Resource cenTric Approach
  • Travels: 
    • In may, I'll be at Wodes 2024 in Rio de Janeiro and will visit Pedro Peres at Unicamp in Sao Paulo.
    • In May, we'll have the great pleasure to host Antoine Girard and Calin Belta for a one-week course on Formal methods in control.
    • In May, I'll be at the CPS week in Hong Kong.
    • In July, I'll be at ADHS 2024 in Boulder, CO.
    • In July, I'll be at ACC 2024.
    • In August, I'll visit Zheming Wang at Zhejiang University, Xiang Yin at Shanghai Jiaotong Univ., and Sasa Rakovic at Beijing Inst. of Technology
    • In december, I'll be at CDC2024.