About me

  • Faculty member of the ICTEAM Institute, at UCLouvain.

  • Head of the Cyber-Physical Systems lab @ ICTEAM, UCL.

  • Chair of the Applied Mathematics department.



  • Our paper on Entropy of Switched Systems got the HSCC 2020 Best paper award!
  • I will be general chair of ADHS 2021 (In July in Brussels) and of HSCC2021 (in April in Nashville)
  • Events I'm in the Program Committee:  HSCC 2021, ADHS 2021, MTNS 2021.
  • Projects:
    • ERC project L2C: Learning to Control
    • Bidmed: Big Data in health care (3 years, Walloon Region)
    • DOS4buildings: Distributed Optimisation Solution for Buildings (3 years, Brussels Region)
    • DRUID-NET: Edge-Computing resource allocation for dynamic networks (3 years, CHIST-ERA)
  • A few recently accepted papers:
  • Travels: