Use tile-eclipse to launch a software on a remote Tilera TileEncoreGX36 through SSH

Here is the set-up to make it work :

First find the listening monitor port. On this picture it is 34531.

We’ll have to set up a reverse ssh forwarding for the tile-monitor to connect to our tile-eclipse instead of trying to connect to some local listener on the remote host.

Run :
ssh -R 34531:localhost:34531
Where in our case, the port 34531 is the one you found in tile-eclipse, and is our host where the tile is connected.

Each time you re-run tile-eclipse you’ll have to redo that part as the port will change.

Then only once you have to set up your run configuration.

In the hardware part, correctly set up the hardware :

And in the monitor part, set remote as given in this picture and click on manage hosts :

And add your own :

I never found a better way to set it up (not using myself a ssh -R reverse forwarding), it should be possible to set it up automatically.

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