Doctoral students :


Michel Verhaegen

A new class of algorithms in linear system theory, with applications to real-time aircraft model identification,

Nov. 1985, K.U.Leuven (co-promotor with J. Vandewalle)


Theo Beelen

New algorithms for computing the Kronecker structure of a pencil with applications to systems and control theory,

May 1987, T.U. Eindhoven (co-promotor with G. Veltkamp, M. Hautus)


Marc Moonen

Jacobi-type updating algorithms for signal processing, systems identification and control,

Nov. 1990, K.U.Leuven (co-promotor with J. Vandewalle)


Srikanth Thirumalai

High Performance Algorithms to Solve Toeplitz and Block Toeplitz Matrices,

1996, UIUC (co-promotor with K.Gallivan) PDF


Mike Stewart

Structured linear algebra problems and application to system identification,

Oct. 1996, UIUC (co-promotor with M. Heath)


Eric Grimme

Krylov Projection Methods for Model Reduction,

1997, UIUC (co-promotor with K. Gallivan) PDF


Jayaramanan Sreedhar

The periodic Schur decomposition in linear systems and control,

1997, UIUC (co-promotor with B. Bamieh)


Nicola Mastronardi

Fast and reliable algorithms for structured total least squares and related matrix problems,

May 2001, K.U. Leuven (co-promotor S. Van Huffel)


Yvan Hachez

Convex optimization over non-negative polynomials : structured algorithms and applications,

May 2003, U.C.Louvain (co-promotor Y. Nesterov) PDF


Younes Chahlaoui

Low-Rank Approximation and Model Reduction,

Dec 2003, U.C. Louvain PDF


Antoine Vandendorpe

Model reduction of linear systems : an interpolation point of view,

Dec 2004, U.C. Louvain PDF


Baes Michel

Spectral functions and smoothing techniques on Jordan algebras,

Sept. 2006, U.C. Louvain  (co-promotor Y. Nesterov) PDF


Djilali Bouagada

Systèmes différentiels positifs et LMIs,

Dec. 2008, Univ. Oran  (co-promotor H. Mokhtar-Kharroubi) PDF


Laure Ninove  

Dominant vectors of nonnegative matrices. Application to information extraction in large graphs,

Feb. 2008, U.C. Louvain (co-promotor V. Blondel) PDF


Diep Ho Ngoc

Non-negative matrix factorization. Algorithms and applications,

June 2008, U.C. Louvain (co-promotor V. Blondel) PDF


Cristobald de Kerchove

Ranking Large Networks: Leadership, Optimization and Distrust,

August 2009, U.C. Louvain (co-promotor V. Blondel) PDF



Theses in progress :


Thomas Cason (co-supervised with P.A. Absil)

Quentin Rentmeesters (co-supervised with P.A. Absil)

Samuel Melchior (co-supervised with V. Legat)

Arnaud Browet (co-supervised with P.A. Absil)

Pierre Borckmans (co-supervised with P.A. Absil)

François-Xavier Orban (co-supervised with Yu. Nesterov)

Vincent Traag (co-supervised with Yu. Nesterov)